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As you know, I’ve been trying (really hard) to get my family to eat healthier and incorporate more whole foods into their diets. So the other day my dad came home from Wal-Mart and showed me these nutrition bars he bought and asked me if they were okay. I told him to find out if something is healthy or not, always check the ingredients. So I flipped it over and read something that looked a lot like this:

jelly-beans-ingredients-final-600For a company that is advertising their bar as “nutritious” it sure has a lot of ingredients and additives. My rule of thumb is: if you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it. Companies add tons of unnecessary additives to our foods that are not good for us, and we simply do not need them. Take peanut butter or almond milk for instance. All you need to make peanut butter is peanuts and sometimes sea salt. So how come when I look at the ingredients label, I see this:

yuck3What is corn maltodextrin anyways?

” Maltodextrin comes from treated grain starch, primarily corn or rice starch. It can also come from wheat and potatoes, but is less common in the U.S. Hydrolyze this starch by adding some enzymes and acids, filter and purify it some more and you get either Maltodextrin, or Corn Syrup Solids. The difference is that Maltodextrin is hydrolyzed to have less than 20% sugar content, whereas Corn Syrup Solids have more than 20%. It gives fat-like body to food products, increases their shelf life, and mixes quite well with other ingredients. It’s also cheap to make and produce. Though not a sugar, it still has a glycemic index of 130 by itself (table sugar is only 65).” –

Many of the additives they put in our food are to enhance colour, flavour, texture, shelf life, etc. First of all, you should start thinking about the foods you are buying and why. Of course we buy cookies, cakes etc  because they are tasty treats. But do you know how many harmful additives are in those? We also buy salad dressings, peanut butter, and so many more things that are loaded with additives.

Perhaps it’s time to stop buying products that come in containers, and start buying foods that come from the ground. Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts seeds, lentils, etc. Those kind of natural foods do not need anything added to them because they taste awesome on their own. They don’t need fat, salt and sugar added just to make it taste good. And they sure don’t need corn maltodextrin. But if the food you are buying from the grocery store needs these enhancers, maybe it’s time to start thinking about whether you should be eating them or not.

10330241_706865666019119_2734672709792063852_nWhen I walk into the grocery store, I see aisles lined with food products and advertisements saying how good they are for us.

2014-02-20 002 2014-02-20 007 2014-06-18 001 2014-06-18 004But if you pick up any one of those boxes, you will read this on the back:

2014-06-18 001 2014-06-18 005DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT HALF OF THOSE THINGS ARE!?

It makes me laugh really how they can say that brands like “Special K” and “Harvest Crunch” are healthy options, when if you just took the 1 minute it takes to flip over the box, you would read how many unnecessary additives they really put in their “food”.

A granola bar isn’t healthy. They are packed with sugar and additives.  These cereals are not part of a ‘healthy balanced breakfast’. Want to know what’s healthy? Whole fruits and vegetables. Don’t think eating healthy is hard when you can go to the grocery store and load up on strawberries, bananas, pineapple, mango, cucumber, tomatoes, quinoa, almonds, chickpeas, and so much more.

Our children are growing up on gummies, oreos and sour patch kids. Do you really want your child growing up with diabetes and later being obese and having heart problems because they don’t eat their vegetables, but instead turn to microwavable dinners?

2014-04-03 002 2014-04-03 002Yeah sure Special K can say their snacks are only 100 calories per package, but can you say those 100 calories are good for you!? No. If you want to eat a healthy snack, have an ABUNDANCE of calories in fruit because it will never make you fat.

Don’t look to these companies to cure your sicknesses and provide health and weight loss for you. You have to look inside yourself to be able to do that, and once you find out how, you will live a much happier and healthier life that’s refined sugar, GMO, and additive free.

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