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Welcome Back, Bread

To all those people cutting out bread/wheat/gluten because of the ‘gluten free’ fad happening: it is not necessary. Bread is not the devil. It is not unhealthy and it will not make you fat. Unless you have celiac disease or have a gluten intolerance, than you can eat bread!!

So this post is basically my history with bread, why I ditched it for a while, and how/why I eat it again.

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Back in March 2014 (a couple months after going vegan) I decided to cut out bread and any other products containing wheat and gluten. I had been hearing so much about the ‘gluten free ’ fad and seeing books like Wheat Belly that say wheat is not good for you. I didn’t know what to believe, so I just took the safe route and cut it out completely.

This isn’t the first product I’ve done this with. Within 2013/2014, I just randomly stopped eating bread, pasta, rice, jam, crackers, chips, and anything with ingredients that I didn’t recognize. I think this was me being an obsessive health freak and trying to eat as clean as possible.

Near the end of summer 2014, I began eating Sourdough Bread because I heard it’s actually much healthier for you than regular bread. It is so delicious, and with the health tip in mind, I had no problem eating it. But then I kind of became obsessed with it and had a bit too much. Around that time I also started breaking out with pimples pretty badly. I read an article by Organic Burst saying sometimes people have wheat/gluten intolerance that they aren’t even aware of, or are so small that they only cause things such as…. acne. So I decided to cut out wheat again to see if that would help any.

A month or two went by and I realized my breakouts weren’t getting much better, but they also hadn’t gotten worse. I figured that cutting out bread/gluten was not the answer, and I decided to incorporate it back into my diet in small amounts. I would buy this Chia Hemp Flax bread that had all the healthy ingredients and actually tasted good. I would use it to make pb&j sandwiches, or avocado on toast.

In November of 2015, I would only eat bread moderately, only buying sourdough bread once in a while. I listened to my body and would only eat it if I knew it was what I wanted. My stomach also did this strange thing where if I ate over 3 pieces of SD bread, my stomach would feel full for HOURS and I wouldn’t even be hungry for dinner. But I look back now and think that maybe it was because my body wasn’t used to it. After all, I was eating mostly fruits and veggies for meals all summer.

But now it’s February 2016 and I eat sourdough bread every single day. I’ve been doing this for the past 2-3 months now and I absolotely LOVE it. I have sliced avocado on fresh sourdough and it is the best! And if there’s no Avo, I have peanut butter and jam. And sometimes when I come home at night after class or work and I’m hungry, I make another pb&j. So much bread. So much love.

I am a huge supporter of listening to your OWN body, and not just following fad diets and doing what other people are doing. (ex going HCLF, gluten free, paleo, raw till 4, etc) Depending on the time of year, my body craves different things. So if some days I crave raw fruits+veg, then that’s what I’ll have. But if I’m craving sourdough bread, then I will never deny my body of it.  Do whatever your own body wants. If your body craves starch/cooked foods, then eat that. If your body craves raw food one day, and (vegan)chocolate cake the next, then eat it. If your body wants bread, THEN EAT IT!!

My point is: don’t be afraid of eating certain foods just because you hear other people saying they are bad. Everybody reacts differently to different things. Let your body be the judge of that. If you eat bread and feel like crap afterwards, then cut it out. But if you don’t have a problem with it at all, be thankful you’re not celiac and eat that bread!! It’s not going to kill you, and neither is wheat, gluten, carbs, pectin, or any other ingredient you might fear.

Just remember; food is fuel. As long as you’re eating healthy foods that make you feel good, then continue eating it.



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    February 1, 2016 at 11:49 am

    I’ve been trying to look for a good oat or whole grain sourdough bread. Sounds delicious, right?? I like having sprouted bread once in a while. It’s not my favorite but it tastes good with avocado and peanut butter!

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