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When people don’t know what veganism is, or when they initially go vegan, they are unsure what to eat. “What do you even eat… lettuce?” Is often a question that vegans get asked. I have tons of recipes here on my blog, but I decided to make this post to represent a very simplistic/basic idea of the things that vegans/I eat on a regular basis.

I also know that ‘What I Eat in a Day’ videos are super popular on YouTube, and people love to watch what others are eating. Everyone is different, so don’t watch someone’s video, or read someone’s blog or instagram and think that you need to eat exactly like them to be vegan. Some vegans are super healthy and eat 100% plant based foods. Other vegans are fully raw. Some vegans eat junk food and faux meat and cheese’s. Others may never eat vegan meats. Some people switch it up and have a bit of everything! I think the best and healthiest way to live and eat is solely up to YOU as an individual. Experiment in the kitchen, look up recipes online, try a bunch of different things out. But remember, you don’t have to stick to any certain regime of meals. If you love them, then hey, eat that every day! But the glorious thing about eating this way and living this lifestyle is that you can try something new every day.

My person favourites that I eat almost every single day would be nana ice cream or a smoothie for breakfast. This is routine for me because it’s what make me feel my best, so I have this every morning. For lunch (lately) I’ve been having salads. But I go through phases of eating the same thing for lunch/dinner every single day for a couple of months, and then I move on to something new. In the past my phases have been: avocado on toast, oatmeal, pb&j sandwiches. For dinner (lately), I’ve been rotating between salads, potato wedges, and pasta.

It’s funny because back in 2013, I literally ate oatmeal every single day for breakfast. Now, I can’t even eat it anymore. It doesn’t work well with my stomach. So I eat more fruity meals/smoothies, etc. Things change. Our bodies change. Every body is different. Remember that. And good luck 🙂 Below are some of my fav meal ideas. I hope you can try them out and enjoy them too!




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