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I’m leaving for my trip to Hawaii in four days, so for this weeks Tip Tuesday, I decided to write about some tips for traveling and eating healthy. (major tips for anyone who’s a vegan because I prepared like crazy)

ps. do you think that there is a difference between trip and vacation? I think vacation is more of a getaway and a time to relax, where a trip is when you seek experience and adventure through traveling.

Travel Tips

1. Try to pack light

I know it can be tough because you literally want to bring everything, but try to bring as least stuff as possible. If you’re going somewhere hot, you don’t have to worry about heavy clothes and baggy sweaters to take up room in your suitcase. That’s all you really need right? And a toothbrush.

2. Preparation

Have all of your stuff ready and laid out at least a week prior to leaving. I get organized way before I leave and plan out what I’m going to be doing, where I am staying, who I am seeing, etc. I have everything typed up and printed out, have my passport and all other important info ready, so when the time comes to leave for the airport, I am ready.

3. Health

Depending on where you are staying, bring things that will help you stay healthy. If you’re staying on a resort, great, just stay away from the fatty/greasy foods, and enjoy your time. But if you’re staying in a cottage/backpacking/staying with people, bring things you know will help you stay on track. I am staying in someone’s cottage for 2 weeks, so I am bringing my blender (yep, lol), some non perishable items that can go across the border (peanut butter, dates, oats, lara bars, etc.) Whatever you need to help you stay on track, bring it. And if you don’t have room, bring less of your other stuff.


Look things up ahead of time. Map out your routes and destinations. I took the time a month ago to Google Map all the local grocery stores, any vegan shops in the area, where I need to go if I need a bank, emergencies, cab fair, bus fair, bike rentals (since I can’t rent a car) etc. Think about all the stuff you’re going to be doing. Some people just think ‘vacation’ and therefore anything important slips their mind. But seriously, think about how you’re going to survive. What will you eat? How will you get around? How will you get money and pay for things? Do you know anyone there or need any contacts? THINK ABOUT THIS STUFF AND PLAN AHEAD! Trust me, it will save you from panicking once you get there.

5. Plane stuff & Carry on

Call your airport or look stuff up online. See what you can bring on the plane with you and also which stuff you can bring into the country. I spoke to someone on the phone at Air Canada and they told me everything I can and cannot bring in my carry on.

water bottles (obviously) (it could be a bomb)
sharp objects

lara bars
apples, bananas, mangos, grapes
drinks I buy in the airport (AFTER security)

I also asked which foods I can bring into Hawaii and they said yes to peanut butter, dates, and lara bars, but weren’t quite sure about grains (quinoa and oats)

Plane Ride

Also be prepared for your flight. If you have a long flight (mine is 10 hours) bring these to keep you occupied. Books, laptop, I-pad with movies on it, i-phone, ipod, etc. If you want to sleep during your flight, bring some gravol to make you sleepy. Maybe bring a pillow so that you’re comfortable. And don’t forget headphones.

And if you’re a vegan like me, don’t be afraid to tell the flight attendants or anyone else that needs to know. If you’re being served a meal on the plane, simply tell them you can’t have meat/dairy/eggs and would just prefer fruits and vegetables. This is so easy for them to prepare because you know for sure that they will have fruits and veggies.

I hope these little tips help you for your future endeavors. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment them below. Happy travels!


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