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Travel Diaries: Hawaii 2014

Hi everyone! This post is just going to be a quick summary of my trip to Hawaii. what activities I did, how I dislocated my arm, my 19th birthday, and what foods I ate while on the beautiful island! ps. bare with me, I’m typing this with one hand.

IMG_5716bFirst I wanted to start off by talking about my new vegan friend I met on my trip: Nicole. The both of us were renting little houses/cottages on the same small property. One day when I was on her back patio getting wifi, she came out carrying half of a watermelon for dinner, and we began chatting. It turns out that Nicole is a High Carb Vegan for health purposes because she has a very sensitive digestive system. Therefore she mostly only eats fruits and veggies.

It was so nice getting to talk to Nicole and be able to share common thoughts and mindsets about a lot of things.

IMG_6607 IMG_6667I bought lots of fresh fruit and veggies in Hawaii, which were amazing. Whenever we went on day trips I always packed a cooler full of fruit, lara bars, and water to keep me energized through out the day.

When it came to meals at the house, I usually had green smoothies, oatmeal, fresh fruit, and salads.

2014-07-08 006 2014-07-08 005 2014-07-06 002 2014-07-06 005 2014-07-09 001 2014-07-09 001 IMG_5423IMG_5910I also treated myself because I’m on vacation and why not. The local Safeway had so many SoDelicious (dairy free coconut ice-cream) options! There were also many Gelato shops around that had great dairy free options as well!

IMG_4939IMG_6216We went on hikes and explored the Island a lot.

IMG_6013 IMG_6005 IMG_5846 IMG_6355 IMG_6448

IMG_6589bbbAnd then last Sunday…. I dislocated my arm.

So basically, we were at Big Beach in Makena, and the waves get really big and dangerous there. People have broken their backs&necks, and some have died. I got hit by a really big wave which forcefully threw me under water and into the sand. My arm was dislocated and I have never broken a bone or anything before so it was really nasty and scary. I then waited 4 hours in the ER waiting room, then they put me to sleep and snapped it back into place. It was quite the eventful day.

2014-07-13 003 2014-07-13 0062014-07-13 001 2014-07-13 005But having a dislocated arm did not stop me from going out. On Monday I had plans to meet up with Ellen Fisher from Mango Island Mamma, along with her adorable son Elvis. You can check out Ellen on Instagram here.

IMG_6604 IMG_6615 IMG_6620Ellen is such a kind and sweet person. She brought us Jackfruit to try and it was delicious. We played basketball with Elvis, and asked Ellen a few questions like why she decided to name him Elvis, and why they decided to move to Maui.

After our little visit, Ellen kindly offered to drive us to Mana Foods which was just up the street. It’s supposed to be the best organic food store on the island.

Nicole and I were in vegan HEAVEN! They had so much awesome and cheap vegan foods. I just kept wandering up and down the aisles in awe.

2014-07-14 001 2014-07-14 001We ended up getting: a salad, veggie sushi, rice paper rolls, lara bars,  a vegan chocolate chip cookie, fresh apple juice, strawberries, dried mulberries, figs, and a few other dried fruits.2014-07-14 006 2014-07-14 003 2014-07-14 001 2014-07-14 002The next day I carried on with my day the best that I could. I have to do everything with one hand, which is really annoying, and harder than you think.

2014-07-15 004 2014-07-15 004Nicole and I went to the beach for a bit in the morning, then went to this little vegan cafe called ‘Joy’s Place’ for lunch. I tried a vegan burrito wrapped in a collard leaf.

After that, we walked around, went to shops, and even tried fresh coconut water!

2014-07-15 002 2014-07-15 002 IMG_6669 IMG_6675On Wednesday it was my birthday and I turned 19. I didn’t want to do anything big; just get sushi and watch the sunset. Well, life happens and I didn’t end up getting sushi and I also got really badly burnt (which later resulted in heat stroke).

So my friends bought me a little watermelon and we still were able to watch the sunset.

2014-07-17 014 2014-07-17 024Later that night, I ended up getting really bad heatstroke. I was so cold and had the chills, then I was hot and sweating and feeling like I was going to throw up and pass out. It was an awful feeling.

The next day (Thursday) I couldn’t stand up or eat all day, which was really tough cause my flight was at 8pm that night.

Fast forward to today, Monday July 21st. I am JUST starting to get better now. I’ve barely ate anything since Wednesday because every time I think of food, I feel nauseous. I went to the doctors yesterday and they couldn’t find anything wrong! They told me I have to eat though, so last night I forced myself to have crackers and apple sauce.

This morning I woke up feeling better than I have in the past 4 days, but still not back to my normal self. I made a chocolate date smoothie for breakfast (ya know, to help gain some weight back) but I couldn’t finish it. I’m trying really hard to get better because my mother got us Katy Perry tickets months ago for my birthday, and the concert is tonight. I’m praying I’ll be feeling better for it.


Well, that pretty much sums up my trip to Hawaii. Have a great Monday everyone!


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