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Travel Diaries: Australia 2015

Usually when I travel, I bring my little pen and travel journal. This time, I left it at home and decided to vlog and write in my phone instead. So I’ve been recording all the fun stuff and scenery which you can see on my Youtube channel, and I’ve also been writing notes in my phone. I don’t ever plan to write, and I don’t set a specific time, or worry if I don’t write for a week. I only write once I have a spark of inspiration ignite in my brain.. then it all just flows.


Journal Entry #1 | June 20th, 2015

I’ve learned a few things since traveling alone on the other side of the world. The first is that you can’t do things to please other people. If you do that, you’ll never be happy. Put your own wants and needs first sometimes and stop trying so hard to make everybody else happy when all it’s doing is bringing you down. The second is, that if you want something in life, you should get it. Whether that be a new car, some vegan cupcakes, or to see the world. Anything can be possible if you try to make it be. Go out their and follow your dreams; make them into a reality. Because one day you could wake up and your entire world could change. Don’t forget that. The third thing so far is that $2000 isn’t that much money in the grand scheme of things. I mean, sure, I may have used up all of my savings, but when i’m 80 years old, I will have spent far more than $2000 and that money will be irrelevant. Do it; live. Now.
Mini entry | June 21st
For years I didn’t cry. I never felt the need to. And I thought that was a good thing. But now I understand that tears are not a sign of weakness; they are a by-product of strength and courage. And holding them in only makes it harder. And now I know that it’s good to let your emotions out, and genuinely understand how you feel.
2015-06-21 041
Mini entry | June 22nd
Wearing makeup makes some people feel good. Not shaving their arms or legs makes others feel good. Eating 100% organic makes people feel good. Eating chocolate and fries makes others feel good. Wearing “clothes of the opposite sex” appeals to some people. Pretending to be African American appeals to some people. People’s bodies are THEIR bodies. What THEY choose to do with their bodies should not concern anybody else. Let them be, and just do you.
Journal Entry #2 | June 26th, 2015
I wrote journal entry #1 on a train, and here i find myself again on a train, inspired to write some more.

I always say that everything happens for a reason, and I truly, whole heartedly believe that. I believe in the Universe and that whenever I’m in need, it helps me out and points me in the right direction. Everything that happens to me is not a mistake or coincidence, but a perfectly well timed occurrence in my destiny of life. Even the bad things that happen serve some purpose, meaning, or lesson in our lives, even if we don’t understand them.

Everything on my trip has been working out perfectly so far, and for that i am grateful. Even when I don’t have something planned out and panic, it always works out fine in the end.
Today I got on the wrong train and went in the opposite direction I needed to go to catch my connecting train at another station. I felt scared and panicked at the time- being in such an unfamiliar place and not knowing what to do. But sitting on my correct train now, looking back at my situation, I missed that train for a reason.
Back at the train, I quickly realized I had gotten the wrong train, so I got off at the next stop. A asked for help and a few men who worked for the train station helped me. There was this one man, who now I know his name is Gavin, helped me out and told me what I needed to do. He had to take the same train as me so together we sat there and waited for 30 minutes until it came. We chatted about traveling and Australia and he told me so many things I didn’t know. He was an older man, maybe in his early 60’s. 
Then we caught the next train and chatted for another 30 minutes. This time he told me about his life. His daughter is an opera singer, but she’s also blind. Then he casually mentioned how his wife Maura gives him this certain type of honey because he’s dying from a terminal illness.
That’s when I froze. Did I hear him correctly? How do you go about asking someone what they are dying from?
He explain it all to me and said how he’s pretty accepting of the situation now. But he said a few things to me that made me realize why I missed that first train. He said that you just have to live life each day like nothing has changed. He said you have to be kind to other people, and that everybody now a days is just competing with each other and it’s such a cruel world out there. 
I told him that’s the reason I’m traveling Australia- because you could wake up one morning and your world could change. So i’m doing this now while I still can.
I hope you can all take a small lesson away from all of this. Everything happens for a reason. The people you meet and talk to are no coincidence. And finally, you need to live in the now and appreciate your life while you still have it. Never take a breathe of air, or a train ride for granted. 
bli bli (4)
Journal Entry #3 | June 27th

Well would ya look at that, I’m on a plane now. Heading to Sydney as we speak. I swear to you that I have the best luck when it comes to airplane seats. I kid you not, every single time i fly (okay, like 98% of the time) i have no one in the seats beside me. And the rest of the plane is full. And no matter WHERE i’m located on the plane, the seats beside me are empty. How awesome? 

Okay, next thing on the agenda tonight is fate, regarding to my last entry.
So I got the the airport a bit (a lot) early, and waited around then tried to switch to an earlier flight since mine was delayed half n hour. The flight i could have went on was delayed as well, and she said that if i switch and that flight gets delayed even more, i cant switch back. So i stuck to my original flight that left at 6:30. 
Anyways, the flight got delayed again till 6:45. So while i was waiting, i told the lady next to me that the flight was delayed. Long story short, it sparked a 30 minute conversation that kept us busy while we waited.
So sometimes I get upset when i miss trains or have delayed flights; but then i realize that traveling is all about the people you meet and the conversations you have. The lady’s name was Tess and she said she traveled the world when she was in her 20’s, and the best experiences were the ones that were unplanned and where you got completely lost. Because hey, it’s all about the adventure. 
Journal Entry #4 | July 2nd
So this one I’m actually typing on my laptop right now. But basically I just wanted to share my experiences from the past week.
I landed in Sydney on Saturday night. I was supposed to take the train to my hostel that I booked super last minute (5 hours before) because of a change of plans. Someone told me that the train was going to be $2.50, to $5.00, so I was like, all good. But when I got off the plane and walked down to the train station, the lady at the booth told me the ticket to where I needed to go would be $17.
I know that may not sound like a lot to some people, but honestly, for someone who was expecting it to be $5.00, and knowing it’s only a 20 minute train ride away – I was shocked and didn’t know what to do.
I panicked and paced around, weighing out my options. After 15 minutes of calling my hostel with no answer, I finally decided to just say screw it and take the train.
I have never stayed in a hostel before, so this was my first time. I chose the cheapest one, because like I said, I booked it last minute and only needed a place to sleep for the night. When I got there, I received such bad vibes. The paint was falling off the walls, it smelled kind of bad, and it was just creeping me out. The people at the desk gave me this tiny little blanket and thin pillow, and I gave them $20 for my key deposit, which I would get back if I returned my key safely.
I chose a 6 bedroom dorm because, like i said, that is the cheapest. I climbed up the creepy stairs, found the room, and opened the door to find 4 other guys in the room, with 3 bunk beds. Talk about intimidating. I felt like I was the new kid at summer camp or in some dystopian novel where the world is ending and everyone’s in a bunker. I awkwardly climbed up to the top bunk of the only available bed and put my stuff down.
It was 10pm and honestly, I was just exhausted, stressed, and scared. I tried to hold back my tears until I got to the bathroom, then I just broke down. I missed home. I missed my family. I was scared and alone, and I felt so helpless, plus I just wasted money on the train that could have been prevented with better planning.
I’m just going to skip ahead to the next morning. I forgot to mention this at the beginning, but the night before, when I booked the hostel online, I had to pay a $2.00 deposit online, then I’d pay $14 once I arrived. But when I got to the hostel, they asked me if I’d already paid. I said no. They said it wasn’t showing up or working or something, so they told me to just pay in the morning.
I woke up early and went to check out as soon as possible. I put my sheets in the dirty hamper, and went to the front desk. I gave the lady my key, she gave me my $20 back and said “have a good day,”
I just looked up at her, smiled and said, “thanks, you too,” then booked it the hell outta there.
My angel Eddi came and saved me from the retched place. And the past five days in Sydney have been amazing. But I can’t help but thinking that this is the Universe lending me a helping hand. It knew I was struggling and having a rough time, and since I didn’t have to pay for the hostel in the end, all I really had to pay for was the train, which kind of made up for everything.
Moral of the story: never doubt that the Universe is not working in your favour. Now I can say I have experienced a hostel, so next time if that ever occurs again in the future, I’ll be ready and more prepared. And as for my welling; well, I know the Universe is looking out for me. x
 Sydneyy (14)
Journal Entry #5
Hey there! I’m on a train leaving Gold Coast and heading back to Brisbane right now. I think I do my best thinking on trains and planes, that’s when I always seem to write.
I’ve been reflecting about my past month here in Australia and I’ve learned a lot. Not only about this country, it’s culture, and it’s people, but about myself.
I have always been such a up tight, perfectionist who had to have every single detail planned. But since coming here, i have learned to live spontaneously. I have learned to live each day as it passes without worrying about what will happen the next. Before I came here, i would not book a train ticket, let alone a plane to another state without knowing where i was going to stay. But i did both of those things, multiple times.
I learned that the Universe works in mysterious ways and it is always looking out for me. I knew i would never run into too much trouble because even when I felt panicked and hopeless, it always worked out perfectly and for the best in the end.
I had been getting really bad acne for months before i came here. I saw a natural path and she told me it was due to stress. I also always had a soar neck, shoulders and back. Both my chiropractor and massage therapist told me that I was way too tense. These are signs of stress and anxiety.
Since being here, my acne has cleared up quite a bit and i totally forgot about it until one day i looked in the mirror and realized it was all almost gone. I don’t even remember the last time i had back or shoulder pains, even though I’ve been sleeping on couches and pull out beds since i got here.
2015-07-03 029I started doing yoga and more meditation. When you travel alone, you sometimes run out of activities to do. You can’t be busy 100% of the time. So i started going to serene, peaceful areas in nature, or even in a house, and just stretching my body and calming my mind- not thinking about anything.
I’ve learned so much this trip and it has definitely helped me grow as a person and better myself. I now will not stress and worry about what the future holds, but instead I will wholesomely embrace it with open arms and a clear mind. 

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    July 7, 2015 at 5:09 pm

    You seem a lot happier and less stressed out here. I’m glad that you found peace in the world and you’re in tune with everything now! 🙂 It’s okay to get lost too–at least you have an adventure and a story to tell!

    • Reply
      August 1, 2015 at 1:02 pm

      Awe thank you so so much <3 Sorry for replying so late, just getting around to my comments now!

  • Reply
    Hong Minh
    July 9, 2015 at 11:53 am

    Hi Katrina, your writing is lovely! I’ve travelled by myself for several times since I studied abroad and realized that solo travel is my favourite style. Traveling on your own is risky but it is interesting at the same time if you know how to enjoy it. I got lost in Busan – South Korea in a late evening and almost panicked as I couldn’t find the subway station I needed until I was rescued by a Korean lady. I also met local people while I was wandering in Tokyo – Japan or Busan. They are all good hearts. Moreover, I often use couchsurfing when I travel on my own as it is one of the ways helping me know more people, especially locals, and get to know the local culture better. Travelling is always good for you, make you better, both in and out. You have probably become more mature than you were after your solo trip to Australia. And behind the trips, there are always stories to tell. Sometimes, photos are not enough. Put your thoughts in words and make them lively by writing. Share your experience with people. And enjoy every single moment of your adventures as well as your life.

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