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Toronto Veg Fest 2016

It’s that time of year again, folks. The Toronto Vegetarian Association hosted it’s annual Veg Fest and you can sure as heck bet I was in attendance, this year as a TVA media representative covering the event. Here I will give you a run down of some of the best places to get food and what kind of vendors and speakers were there so that if you didn’t make it out this year, you know for next year!2016-09-11-021 2016-09-11-026 2016-09-11-004Okay, so the best part about the festival is that…. IT’S FREE! There’s a vegan food and drink festival in Toronto every summer, however, it’s $10 to get in, then on top of that, you have to pay for whatever food you want, and I don’t think there’s many samples. This veg fest is 100% free and there are so many free samples! This is a great way to try foods that you’ve never had before and judge if you like it enough to buy it or not/visit the restaurant.2016-09-11-023 2016-09-11-015There were SO many food vendors and restaurants/cafe’s who came out to represent their company so it is honestly very hard to narrow it down. Some of my favourite’s included: Sweet’s from the Earth, Tori’s Bake Shoppe, Bloomer’s, Apiecalypse Now, So Delicious, Govinda’s, Cosmic Treats, and Ipanema Valley (banana brownies pictured above)

Other great places that I sampled from or thought were great are: Earth Island (vegan cheese), Oat & Mill (ice cream), D-Beatsro (brunch, donuts, etc) , Avocado’s from Mexico, The Field Roast Company, Sol Cuisine (falafal’s) Whole Foods (pumpkin pie!)

See all vendors here: 2016-09-11-007 2016-09-11-008 2016-09-11-009 2016-09-11-010 2016-09-11-012 2016-09-11-013 2016-09-11-014 2016-09-11-016 2016-09-11-017 2016-09-11-025Okay, aside from the food, there were so many other great companies there for animal rights, clothing, books, non-profit organizations, etc. There were also tons of speakers and cooking demo’s. My favourite part of the day was getting to hear Dr. Michael Greger and 2 other doctors speak, along with John aka the Badass Vegan. (Dr. Reed Mangels, Dr. Tushar Mehta, John Lewis) Dr. Greger’s speech “Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death” is literally one of my favourite speeches ever. It’s life changing. So meeting him was pretty rad.2016-09-11-005 img_8386 2016-09-11-022All in all, I had yet another incredible day at the event this year. There was just so much food it was overwhelming for me to think about where to even begin, hahaha. I brought tupperware container’s so that I could bring more food home with me.

If you are vegan, vegetarian, or even veg-curious, check out the website and mark it down on your calendar for next year 😉

img_8353 img_8351 img_8348 I also vlogged the whole day and it’s pretty funny to watch:

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    September 18, 2016 at 5:03 am

    This just looks TOO fun. All of the vendors seem really wonderful and successful at spreading veganism!

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