Top 12 Ways to Use Avocado

Avocado’s are kind of a controversial vegetable because some people love em, and some people hate em. I feel like there’s no in between emotions around avo’s. Everyone I know that likes them is OBSESSED with them, and then other people I know absolutely hate them and think they’re gross.

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But this post isn’t for the avo haters. It’s for the avo lovers. The avo enthusiasts. And let’s be honest – you can literally put avocado on/with anything. But I’m going to keep a cap on things and give you the top 12 ways (or just 12 ways in general) you can use this magical green vegetable.

1. Avo on toast

This is the most basic and probably the most common use of avocado. So so many people use the avo on toast combo every day. I do. That’s what I have for lunch most days. Except I have it on fresh sourdough bread rather than toast. UGH. It’s just so damn good. And so quick + simple to make. How could anyone dislike this!?

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2.Mashed on salads

This is another favourite of mine. I’m not sure if it has become too popular yet, but I know a few people who mash their avo (or blend it) to put on salads. I like doing this because it adds some texture to the salad and makes it creamy. It’s also handy when making your own salad dressing. Just blend half an avo with half a mango, squeeze in some lemon or orange juice, and voila! Super tasty.

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3. Dip for fries

Do people do this? Well I do. I love making home-made fries and dipping them in ketchup and mashed avo. I don’t call it guac because I don’t add anything to. I just mash up an avocado and dip my fries in it.


4. Guacamole

Guacamole – finally! Guac is a popular dip for many people. I absolutely loving getting burritos or nachos just to have that guac on it. So damn good and it just makes the food you’re eating so much creamier and tastier.


5. Chocolate Pudding

This may sound gross, but you can even put avocado in…pudding. Don’t knock it till you try it! I thought it was a weird concept at first as well. But I swear, you can’t even taste it. There’s tons of recipes online so you can just Google a few until you find one you like. But basically it’s just avocado, cocoa powder, maple syrup, vanilla extract, maybe some dates, etc. You blend it all up in your food processor, chill it in the fridge for a bit, and I swear it tastes just like chocolate pudding.


6. Face mask

Again, this may seem strange, but it’s awesome. You can mash up an avocado, add oats and lemon, and you have a little face mask. Add it to your skin for ten minutes or so, wash off, and your face will be extra smooth. Put some cucumber on your eyes to get the full effect.

7. Diced on pasta

A very simple way to get some extra avo in your diet would to just be dicing it on top of meals, such as pasta. I love the flavour combination of pasta, tomato sauce, and avocado. Again, it adds creaminess and a smooth texture to your pasta.


8. Substitute for butter/Avo brownies

Many people use avocado as a butter substitute because of the texture. Because of this, you can add it to baked goods to replace butter. I’ve seen so many avocado brownie recipes; there’s tons you can choose from to try out!


9. Avocado Ice Cream

You can even add avocado to ice cream! Seems crazy (and gross) right? But why do people always think adding avocado (or any vegetable for that matter) to desserts is so gross. If anything, the avo just serves as texture and you can’t even taste it. Give this one a try, it’s pretty amazing.

Vegan Creamy Chocolate-Avocado Ice Cream

10. Added in smoothies

This is quite popular, especially for green smoothies. Not only are avocado’s packed with nutrients and healthy fats, it adds a creamy texture to your smoothie that will leave you feeling rejuvinized. I suggest adding 2 bananas as your base, half an avocado, some spinach, maybe some peanut butter, hemp powder, etc. Play around and experiment until you find one that you love.

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13. Avo Hummus

I didn’t discover avocado hummus until last year, but oh my goodness, it is incredible. Two of my favourite things came together and created something so wonderful and tasty. MMMMM. I’ll let you try this one and let it speak for itself.

12. Avocado Sushi

And finalllyyyy: last but not least, avocado sushi. This is one of my favourite foods to eat. I’m literally obsessed with avo sushi. Something about the texture of avocado, rice, and the nori paper is so desirable to me.

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Well that’s my list of my favourite ways to use avocado’s. Comment down below and share what yours are! 🙂

Katrina xx

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