The Medical Industry

Today’s post is about a very crucial topic in today’s world: medicine.

I want you to take everything you know about doctors and medicine, and throw it out the window. Everything we have been taught and everything that we believe is all lies created to maximize profit for large multinational corporations. They manipulate us and lie to us constantly to make more money. The companies that do this are the food industries and the medical industries. You think your doctor truly cares about your well-being? Think again. I know that not ALL doctors are like this, because there are many caring doctors out there – but my money has it that most of them could care less about if you are happy and healthy at the end of the day. The main thing on their mind is money, and they will do just about anything to get more.

Popping Pills

Have you ever gone to the doctor for a sore throat or a sniffy nose? What did they prescribe you? Some sort of drug I assume. About 90% of the times that I go to the doctor, they almost always prescribe me a drug or medication. And I am not alone. Tons of people visit the doctor’s office everyday only to be told they need ‘so-and-so’ to feel better. “Take this twice a day for 2 weeks and you should start feeling better! But come back to visit me if it doesn’t work and I’ll prescribe you something new!” Am I right?

Plant Based Healing

They believe that they have a solution to every single problem we face, and while they don’t have the completely wrong idea, they definitely don’t have the right solution.

It is true that we have the ability to heal and cure ourselves of many sicknesses and diseases, but it is not from drugs and medication. Believe it or not, we can cure so many sicknesses and diseases from PLANTS! (read more here.)Yes, you heard me – plants! Plant based foods, herbal medicines, tea, etc. I’ve never been one to resort to popping pills to solve all of my problems. I’ve always tried to heal in a more natural way and only resort to taking an aspirin or Tylenol if the pain was really bad. But I know some people get a headache and bam – they’re in the pantry opening the Advil.

You do realize that every time you do this, you are giving into the medical industry and allowing them to exploit us and continue to brainwash us and take our money. They have people convinced that we need to make medicine every time they have a sniffy nose, sore throat, head ache, back ache, stomach pains, and so much more. WAKE UP PEOPLE! YOU ARE BEING BRAIN WASHED! Do not give into this way of living. Our bodies can do so much better than that.

Natural Healing

Our bodies are perfectly functioning machines. Our brains tell us when something is wrong by signalling pain to our body. Rather than popping a pill every time you feel the slightest pain or discomfort, try listening to your body, because clearly it’s trying to tell you something. When a child pulls on his mother’s arm, it’s not arbitrary – it’s because he needs something. When we take medication, we are masking the actual source of the problem by getting rid of the symptom (sniffy nose, headache) therefore actually interfering with your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Taking medication causes false responses that alert your brain of false signals.

When I say listen to your body, I mean really listen. If you have a headache, it might be caused from exhaustion, dehydration, or a minor food intolerance. Think about the kind of foods you are putting into your body and see if anything could be causing it. Did you drink milk recently? (hmm, well that never makes the body feel energized.)

Try putting natural and healthy plant based foods into your body and healing the natural way. If you are feeling tired and worn down one day, eat healthy foods that are packed with vitamins and nutrients that will make you feel better. Don’t pop pills that will only temporarily distract your brain from the actual source of the problem. Also don’t forget that along with taking medicine also comes with a complete list of side effects since medicine is just made up of chemicals. If you had the choice to feel better from a plant or a pill and you knew the side effects, which one would you choose?

I get sick maybe once a year. And when I do get sick, it only lasts about 2-3 days and is just the sniffles and a runny nose. I don’t get sick because I fuel my body with a beautiful variety of fruits and vegetables. I listen to my body when it’s trying to tell me something. I feed it the fuel that it needs to thrive. If I ate a food in the past and it hurt my stomach (ex. dairy or meat) I simply cut it out of my diet and I began feeling lighter, happier, and more energized. If I have a headache (which is once in a blue moon) I drink lots of water and lie down. This solves the issue that my brain was trying to tell me. The pain was caused because it wanted me to solve the problem, not pop some Advil and temporarily distract my brain from the source of the problem.

Still feeling uncertain? Check out this Family Guy clip that explains the cure for cancer:

He says: “There’s far more money to be made in treating a disease than there is in curing it. Why cure someone of cancer in a day if we can treat them for a lifetime and bill them every step of the way.”


My point is not to diss or put down the medical industry in any way. I just want to bring to your attention the truth about their goals, and how you can prevent these sicknesses and diseases all on your own for a lot less money, and a lot less chemicals.


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