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The Food Forest Café

I recently moved into my new house in Peterborough along with 5 of my girl friends where we will be starting our second year of University in the September. My mom and I drove up and moved some of my stuff in, as well as met with the landlords and had a walk through of the house. As I was walking to our car to get a box, I happened to see a sign that said ‘vegan’ which automatically caught me attention. I looked up only to see a store sign reading “Food Forest Café”.

2014-05-24 005 2014-05-24 046Basically my house is RIGHT beside this little building that has two stores: a hair salon, and this café! How PERFECT right!? I was in awe; I seriously couldn’t believe that I just moved in literally RIGHT next door to an organic, gluten free vegan café . Anyways, after we finished unpacking a bit, my mom and I went in and decided to see what it was like. And oh my gosh, was it ever amazing. I swear it was a vegans dream in there. Everything was eco-friendly, promoting saving the earth, and healthy living, not even to mention the fabulous menu. Even the napkins were made from 100% recycled materials.

2014-05-24 005 2014-05-24 0422014-05-24 005 2014-05-24 033 2014-05-24 005 2014-05-24 034It was SO hard to choose something considering this was my very first time visiting a vegan restaurant, and I was simply overwhelmed by all my choices. Plus I’m a super indecisive person. But I ended up getting a taco salad with a tropical smoothie.

The salad was AMAZING – one of the best I’ve ever had. It was made up of: mixed greens, chili walnut ground, fresh tomato corn salsa, green onions, dehydrated red pepper chips, and drizzled with cashew sour kream. (The cashew sour kream was the best). I even dipped the little chips in it.

2014-05-24 005 2014-05-24 044The smoothie was called ‘Tropical Bliss’ (such a beautiful name eh?). It was bananas, strawberries, pineapple, agave nectar, and water. It was delicious as well.

So in conclusion, my first vegan restaurant experience was amazing, and I cannot WAIT to live in my new house (I fully move in the house in September), but I know I’ll probably go broke spending all my money there haha. Check out their website if you want:

2014-05-24 005 2014-05-24 047 2014-05-24 005 2014-05-24 048


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