Surviving Winter as a Vegan

I’m just going to come out and say it – I hate winter. Okay, I know hate is a really strong word, so let me rephrase it. I strongly dislike winter. Why you ask? Well, there’s many reasons. I’m a summer baby and I love the hot weather. I love wearing shorts and tank tops, swimming and tanning beneath the warm sun. I would rather be too hot than be too cold anyday. In the winter time, my skin gets dry, my nose gets stuffed up and often bleeds, I’m more likely to catch a cold or flu, and the cold dreary weather makes me depressed.

Another big factor that has me disliking winter is FOOD! Once the cold weather approaches, all of my favourite fruits (which are 80% of my diet) go out of season and either magically disappear from the grocery store, or become 10x more expensive. Do you see my dilemma? But luckily I have some tricks n tips to help even the pickiest vegans survive these cold temperatures.

Surviving Winter

1. Find your Fruits

I know it’s hard seeing all your favourite fruits n veggies go away or become super expensive. For me, that includes strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes, mangos, watermelon, etc. So what does that leave me with? Bananas, kiwi, pineapple, nectarines/peaches, apples, and oranges. And you know what? That list make be small, but I can make do with it. So what you need to do is find the fruits n veggies in YOUR area that remain in stores at a decent price, and learn to love them; because that’s what you’re going to be eating all winter.

And I simply cannot live without my strawberries and blueberries, so sometimes I’ll wait till they go on sale, or until I see a good price and just buy them. Where I live, a tiny pack of blueberries is now $4.00, which is outrageous, but this past weekend, I found a store that had 2 packs for $4.00, so I bought them.

2. Eat what your body wants

Many people follow a raw diet or even do raw till four. Both of these diets are amazing and there is no doubt that they leave you feeling energized and amazing. Personally, I don’t follow any strict diet, but I definitely prefer eating raw foods due to the long lasting amazing effect they have on my body. So what do I do when it’s -30, 5ft of snow, and absolutely freezing out? Listen to my body.

If I’m craving oatmeal because it’s warm and soothing, then I’ll make oatmeal. If I’m craving a sandwich, even though sometimes bread can have negative effects for me, then I’ll have a sandwich. The one thing you want to never do is restrict yourself. Don’t pass for a hot meal because you’re trying to follow a strict diet and you feel like you’d be cheating. There is no cheating in life – you’d only be cheating yourself. Having warm foods isn’t going to kill you, especially when you live in certain wintery circumstances. Just eat what your body craves and enjoy it.

With that being said, also don’t stop yourself from having what you love just because of the weather. I love having my 1 liter green smoothies for breakfast, or a big bowl of nana ice-cream for lunch, but I’m always FREEZING after I eat it. So what do I do? Put a robe on. Or curl up in some blankets. Easy – problem solved. That way I can still enjoy my delicious favourites, and keep warm at the same time.

3. Vitamin Supplements

Many people don’t like taking supplements because they get all the nutrients they need from the foods they eat. This was the case for me during the summer. I ate such a large variety of fruits and vegetables that all I needed to take was vitamin B12. But now circumstances have changed. The weather is colder, the sun is hiding, and I can’t eat all the fruits n veggies I did in the summer. So now I’m taking vitamin supplements. All I take is B12, Iron, vitamin C and vitamin D. This is just to ensure that I keep all my vitamin levels high and have enough energy through out the day. I also get lots of nutrients from spinach and broccoli that I try to have multiple days a week.

So if you need to start taking supplements due to certain circumstances, then that’s fine. Also try to pack in those natural nutrients from the fruits and veggies that you can as well.

4. Meal Prep

I love meal prepping. It’s just so easy and convenient.  It’s also great to do because on days when you’re just so cold, tired and lazy, or honestly don’t feel like being in the kitchen making food, you can just reach in the fridge and pull out some already pre made foods.

I like to do meal prep on Sundays. I spend an hour or so in the kitchen making a bunch of food (baked man n cheese, pasta, cauliflower curry, mashed potatoes, salads, etc) and then I store them in tupperware containers and can have them to eat whenever I want throughout the week! 🙂

So this winter, remember to stay warm, stay safe, and stay healthy. Good luck!



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    Soraya Sarcos
    December 8, 2014 at 8:51 am

    This is my first winter as vegan, so this article is a great help.
    Thanks for sharing!

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