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Shit Vegans Say

1. “I’m a vegan.”

We try not to do it, but sometimes you just have to. Whether it comes up in a conversation, or you’re out for dinner with friends. The time has got to come (quite often) when you say: I’m a vegan.

imveganlogotransparentbackgroundwithshadow2. “Do you even know what’s in that?”

Because God forbid companies actually make things with natural ingredients and we are just trying to make people aware of that.


3. “Is it vegan?”

It doesn’t hurt to always ask; because you don’t want to accidentally eat something containing dairy or gelatin!!

4. “Watch Forks over Knives and you’ll understand”

By far one of the best documentaries I’ve watched that explains the benefits of a plant based diet. Some other great ones are “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”, “Vegucated”, and “Earthlings”

Forks_Over_Knives_movie_poster5. “Spinach and broccoli have calcium”

Every vegan has that person who asks them how on earth they get calcium without dairy.

6. “We need to go to Whole Foods.”

The constant trips to Whole Foods to stock up on raw cacao powder, almond milk, and goji berries. It’s pricey, but necessary.

7. “Do you have almond milk?”

The best dairy milk substitute I know; and a necessary question to friends and waiters/cashiers.

8. “They aren’t ripe yet.”

Every vegan knows how many bananas need to be prepped and put in the freezer the night before you want to do any smoothie or ice cream making, and it’s such a struggle waiting for them to ripen.

2014-04-24 004 2014-04-24 0019. “Meat and eggs aren’t the only sources of protein”

Believe it or not, vegans get tons of protein from plant based foods! *thumbs up*

10. “Is there butter in this?”

I often find myself asking my mom this when she serves vegetables or potatoes. You can never be too careful.

11. “Do you watch Freelee?”

If being vegan is a religion, Freelee the Banana girl is our God. Preach.

fr412. “You’re full already!?”

Perks of eating a plant based diet is loading up your plate and getting full way after everyone else. More veggies = more room in the tummy for more of the good healthy stuff.

veggies, oils, fats13. “Oh you want to try vegan baking? You better love dates”

Every vegan knows dates are the #1 ingredient and sweetener for vegan baking! Gotta love em.

14. “I can’t, I spent all my money at the farmers market.”


15. “Just try this, I promise it tastes like a real brownie!”

Vegan baking in a nutshell.

16. “I don’t buy shoes… I buy fruit”

What else is there to spend money on in life when you have strawberries, mangos, bananas and so much more!?

2014-04-03 002 2014-04-03 00817. “Yes, I’ve had my blood tested – I’m high in everything”

When people ask you if you get if you’re getting enough vitamins and nutrients.

18. “I go pee every 30 minutes”

Is it just me or does anyone else drink so many smoothies and water bottles that they find themselves peeing this much?

19. “You should try it.”

Whether it be trying to go vegan or trying a new food, vegans are quite often telling others to try something. Not in the pushy way – just to help people try some new experiences.

20. “I accidentally swallowed my B12 pill”

That thing vegans need that has to be absorbed under the tongue.

IMG_2222b21. “I brought trailmix!”

Because what better food to bring to a friend’s house/social event where they will be serving ham sandwiches, cheese, crackers, and other snacks.

22. “I love the organic aisle.”

There’s no better feeling than walking into Sobey’s or Fresh-co and part with someone as they head down the baked goods section and you walk right through the gates of heaven aka the organic aisle.

IGA-organic-aisle323. “Have you ever tried juicing?”

Because what better way to cleanse your body than a 3 day juice cleanse?

24. “The planet thanks you.”

I say this a lot when someone I know passes on meat or has a dairy substitute. The planet and all the earthlings that inhabit it thank you greatly.

25. “We need more spinach”

Spinach only goes so far when you need it for daily smoothies and salads.

2014-04-21 006 2014-04-21 001

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