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“Real Men Eat Meat”

During my time as a vegan, I have noticed a lot of people stereotype not only the word vegan, but men who are vegans. People think of vegans as some long haired earth loving hippie, who doesn’t eat animals and starts many arguments. While part of this is true (loves earth, doesn’t eat animals) the others however, are not. May I remind you that vegans are human, and they do come in all different shapes, sizes, and personalities.

People associate being ‘manly’ with being tough and eating meat. Be honest, if someone saw a man at a BBQ pass on a steak for a salad, what are they going to think? Men have this ‘ideal image’ that they have to live up to. Just the way that girls have their ‘ideal image’ of being petite, thin, pretty, etc. It’s quite normal actually that guys think that way – I wouldn’t blame them. That’s like me living my whole life a certain way, which also happens to be the exact same way that everyone around me lives. Then suddenly changing and expecting no one to notice or care. I have spoken to guys about vegetarianism and they say “oh I respect your values and everything, but I just need my protein”.

Stop right there. Open up a book about vegetarianism/veganism. Watch one of the hundreds of documentaries out there that inform you about the risks eating meat or animal by-products. (Click here for my Vegan Resources page) If you would just be willing to expand your knowledge just a tad, you will know that not only is animal meat not healthy for you, but it actually increases your risk of developing cancer and heart disease, the number one killers in America! (America also just happen to be the largest consumers of meat, dairy and eggs.)

“Well I don’t care about that,” they will say. “I like my meat,”. Okay, well 2 minutes ago you just argued that you need animal protein. Why? To be ‘healthy’? to ‘survive’? So how come one minute you claim to NEED your protein for your health, then the next minute you don’t care about the dangers you’re putting into your body?

Once you show people that they do not need meat to survive, and can actually strive without it, they will think of any excuse not to listen to you? Why? Well maybe the same reason why women have no problem stopping for directions or to ask for help, but men on the other hand……

Not all men are like this, but you get my point. I know that there are TONS of men out there who are VEGAN and VEGETARIAN and that is awesome! Those men are the ones who can lead by example and show other men how it’s done. They get their protein from the ground. Don’t be fooled by the meat industry by the lies they have been telling us our whole lives. We infact do not need animal meat to be healthy. Plant foods have WAY higher amounts of protein than most meats, and plants don’t cause cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Examples of plant foods that are high in protein are quinoa, nuts, beans, chickpeas, tofu, spinach, kale, hemp, chia, sesame, almond milk, tempeh, raw cacao powder, and so much more. If you would only take the time to research, you would be amazed on how much you could learn.

So don’t be one of those people who stereotypes humans, and don’t be one of those humans who let stereotypes or expectations control your life. Be who you want to be and live how you want to live. If you truly want to eat meat and enjoy doing so, then hell, continue living YOUR life, I’m not going to stop you. What I am here to do is to provide insightful knowledge and tips that will help you in your life. It’s up to you what you do with that information.

Famous athletes such as Mike Tyson, Carl Lewis, and many other men have gone vegan! You can read more about vegan athletes here:

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