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Recently my friend told me about this restaurant in Whitby called ‘Rawlicious’. The name sounded familiar and I remembered I read it a while ago on a list of vegan restaurants in Canada. Little did I know there was one only a 10 minute drive from where I live. I was so excited so I had to go check it out. I brought along my long-time vegetarian of 9 years friend, Claire.

The restaurant is a cute little place in downtown Whitby with wooden floors and nice brick walls with decorated paintings on them. It has a cozy feel that makes you want to just sit back and relax.

After looking at the menu, I was overwhelmed. There were so many options and I honestly didn’t know what to chose. Everything on the menu is raw because their philosophy is that raw foods are the best for your health. The items are a bit expensive because raw organic foods are more expensive to buy.

2014-06-06 001 2014-06-06 003I was really hesitant on what I wanted to get. This was after all only my second time being to a vegan restaurant, and everything just sounded so darn delicious. I really wanted to try the nachos. And also the burger… and tacos. But after looking over the menu over and over again, I finally decided on the Soft Tacos with Side Salad for $16. Claire got a Rawwitch (raw sandwich) for $11.

2014-05-29 001 2014-05-29 001The tacos were absolotely DELICIOUS and I 100% recommend them to anyone going their for the first time if you love tacos. (or raw-co’s as I like to call them) The shells were so soft and chewy and I don’t even know what they put on the inside but it was to die for. They used sour cream of some sort (cashew I’m guessing?) and it tasted delicious and just like the old sour cream I used to eat. The side salad was good too, but the tacos were just delectable. Claire said that mine looked so good and she definitely wanted to get the tacos next time she came.

Once I got home and told my dad about it, he wanted to try it too! He’s been eating more plant based and healthier foods so I knew he’d love this place that had a menu of so many amazing choices for him to choose from. The next week him and I went for lunch. I ordered The Classic Burger with Jicama Fries, but they were all out of fries! They offered me a salad but I didn’t want one, so they just said they’d take $2.00 off of my total. My dad got the single taco wrap for $10.00

2014-06-02 005 2014-06-02 001Since this was my second time going, I was expecting it to be amazing again. But nope, not this time. It was actually disappointing. The serving sizes were so tiny for such an expensive price. I got an open faced burger meaning it didn’t even come with a top, and it was so tiny. And my dad was expecting a nice healthy portion, but he got such a tiny one. These would be enough for an appetizer, not the entire meal! I was upset because the first time I went I was so happy, and when I brought my dad here, I wanted him to love it as much as I did, but unfortunately he didn’t get a great first impression.

I still think Rawlicious is a great place, I just don’t know if I’ll go there again or often since the portion sizes are so tiny for such an expensive price.



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