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Petit Vour Review

I meant to make this post a while ago considering I received this product in August, but it’s better late than never, right?

So I officially received my first ever vegan cosmetics package. It’s from a company called Petit Vour, which specializes in natural, vegan, cruelty free make-up and other cosmetics.Each month they send out boxes containing different beauty products. I got their August box which had some amazing little goodies in there. (note: the baby lambs are mine)

IMG_7377 IMG_7380These products are all vegan, natural and amazing for your body. Most companies these days unfortunately don’t care about our wellbeing – they’re main goals are to make money. But I can assure you that Petit Vour uses only natural ingredients that are not harmful on your skin, AND they don’t test on animals, which is such an important thing when it comes to cosmetics. I love animals and I would never approve of something that harms poor innocent animals. Here are the products that came in the August Box:

  • Eye Defining Pencil
  • Brighten Face Mask
  • Chapstick
  • Perfume
  • Body Butter

Eye Defining Pencil

The box came with this eye liner that works amazingly. Personally, I don’t wear that much make-up. Usually it’s just some foundation under my eyes, and fill in my brows a bit because they’re very light. So I used this for my eye brows and it matched perfectly! It’s very smooth and works like a charm.

IMG_7387Brighten Face Mask

This stuff is just a little dark powder that you simply mix with water and scrub your face with. There’s instructions on it where you can either mix it with just water and use it as a face wash, or mix it with agave, coconut oil, and water, and it makes a face mask.

IMG_7384IMG_8014I just measured 1/2 tsp. of Brighten and 1/2 tsp. of water, mixed it together in a little bowl, and rubbed it all over my face. It looks like mud and it’s so fun to play with. I left it on for a few minutes, then washed it off and my face was so soft after!


This little Tangerine chapstick is amazing. It’s made from coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter, avocado butter, tucuma butter, murumuru butter, capuacu butter, candelilla wax, vitamin E and tangerine essential oil. So it’s all natural and  incredibly beneficial for your lips. Mine feel instantly soft after I use it and I probably use it ten or more times a day.

IMG_7385‘Journey’ Perfume

I also got a little sample of this perfume called Journey. It smells amazing and like the other products, is all natural. My friend sprayed it on her wrist and fell in love.

IMG_8028Body Butter

The final sample I got was this Sweet Coconut Body Butter. It’s made from coconut oil as well, so it’s really soft and perfect for dry skin. I have been putting it on my elbows where there is dry skin. It also smells amazing, so that’s a plus.

Now that the colder weather has arrived here in Canada, my hands and in between my fingers have been getting super dry lately, and even bleeding – ya, it’s that bad. So I would put regular hand lotion on, full of chemicals and other things, and my hands would always be dry again within an hour. I started putting on this body butter, and it is the only thing that seems to help and keep them soft and moist. I absolutely love it.


Basically, these products are all amazing, and I love the fact that they are vegan and natural. It just proves that we don’t need to torture and test on animals, and also use animal by-products in our cosmetics to have good make-up.

If you’re interested in getting a monthly box or finding out more information about their products, visit their site here:

Let’s make a happy planet together 🙂



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