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Peace Food Café NYC

On February 13th, I flew from Toronto to New York City to stay there and explore for the weekend. My friend Jaimee and I, (plvntstrong) who I met through Instagram, planned a Valentines Day Vegan Meetup in December. We were able to book it at this amazing restaurant we found by searching around online called Peacefood Cafe. The vegan meetup went amazing and I got to meet so many beautiful, like minded souls who had the same thoughts and beliefs as me. And the best part was: we all take pictures of our food, so I wasn’t the only one (like I usually am).

2015-02-15 009 (2) 2015-02-15 011Now to talk about the café. Peacefood was incredible. From the moment you walk in the door you just get this amazing vibe of good people and good food. Right in front of you at the cash is a big glass window filled with vegan desserts ranging from cakes to cookies to brownies to muffins. I almost wanted to cry.

IMG_1318Next up: the food.

The food was amazing. I got the pizza that had daiya cheese and vegetables and it tasted incredible. Everybody else was so pleased with their meals as well. And the food isn’t even that expensive. I went to a different vegan restaraunt the night prior and I paid $21 for soba noodles and $3 extra for a side of tofu. My meal of pizza and a large piece of cake came to $18.

2015-02-15 012 2015-02-15 006The service was amazing as well. Everyone was super friendly and tended to our needs. Victoria and I (my friend I was staying with in NYC who I also met through Instagram) loved it so much that we actually went back the next day for a treat and hot chocolate. We went to a yoga class that was just around the corner from Peacefood so we kind of couldn’t resist.

We both got a hot chocolate made with almond milk and I got a peanut butter cheesecake and Victoria got a chocolate cookie. Again, the food was AMAZING. I honestly want to fly back to NYC just for the food at Peacefood.

2015-02-15 012 (2) 2015-02-17 019IMG_1471 IMG_1474Overall, Peacefood Cafe is an amazing place from the food to the service to the restaurant itself. I think I’d rate it a 10/10 and next time I go to NYC (hopefully this summer) I’ll definitely be back there. Thanks so much Peacefood!

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