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Panago Pizza Vegan Options

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Panago Pizza.

One of my favourite foods before I went vegan was pizza, no doubt about it. I absolutely loved to indulge in plain cheese pizza. But as a vegan, I choose not to consume dairy for copious reasons, as well as the fact that many people are lactose intolerant and cannot eat cheese. So what do we do then, if we can’t eat cheese? Well, let me introduce you to Panago Pizza.

Panago isn’t a new discovery to me. Living in the GTA, my family would often get Panago over the years, and I always knew them to sponsor many baseball events I attended. So when I discovered the places like Panago Pizza were offering vegan cheese, I was ecstatic.


Finally, a place that was catering to vegans and people that are lactose intolerant alike! Not only does Panago offer dairy-free cheese, but they also offer many other vegan options, including vegan pepperoni! They’ve actually just introduced their first FULLY VEGAN recipe pizza (which means it’s already on the menu, you don’t have to create and alter the ingredients yourself)

You can go on their website or download the app (like I have on my phone) so you can go on and customize your order whenever you wish. You just go on and select your specific vegan crust and tomato sauce, and add whatever toppings you desire. There’s also lots of salad and veggie options, as well as the salad dressing Simple Italian, which you can see down below:

vegans rejoice veggie options

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Every month in the summer time, I host vegan fruitlucks in Toronto. Our last fruitluck on April 30th was sponsored by Panago, which we loved and appreciated so much. They gave us a bunch of different variations of vegan pizzas and tons of salads! You can see my full post on the event here: and if you live in Toronto or the GTA and want to join our fruitluck group, the link for that is here: Panago is so generous with it’s sponsors and loves sponsoring vegan and other events across Canada.

2016-02-06 031

Panago is a Canadian company, so unfortunately if you live anywhere else in the world, this post is pretty irrelevant to you. But if you DO live in Canada, then a las, you can indulge in some vegan pizza.

Download the app now and have it delivered to your door within forty minutes. Yay for vegan pizza!!

To see more information about their vegan options and FAQ, visit their page here:


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