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    Welcome Back, Bread

    To all those people cutting out bread/wheat/gluten because of the ‘gluten free’ fad happening: it is not necessary. Bread is not the devil. It is not unhealthy and it will not…

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    The Healthiest Sugars

    Everyone reading this probably uses sugar at some point in their day/week, right? There are tons of different sugars, from regular table sugar, coconut sugar, brown sugar, date sugar, cane sugar,…

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    Sexuality is a Social Construct

    Sexuality is a social construct. This means that it is just an idea created by society. Terms, ideologies, labels, all created to categorize humans into binary oppositions to tell us a…

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    Carbs and Fruit Sugar Myths

    I often hear people expressing their concerns regarding the amounts of sugar found in fruit, as well as being afraid to eat too many carbs. People consider fruit ‘bad’ if you…

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    Merry Consumerism!

    These last few weeks I’ve been feeling weird about Christmas time. (or Holiday time if you do not celebrate Christmas) A holiday all about giving, buying, and more buying. This holiday…

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    Why I Love University

    I love University because I love learning; it’s that simple. I’m not always the most eager to head back to classes after a long, relaxing summer break. But once I’m there,…

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    Ginny Bakes Review

    So recently I was lucky enough to try some delicious baked goods from Ginny Bakes! They are a company based out of Florida I believe, who specialized in organic, gluten free…