One Year Later

Well well well; it’s been a while. It feels weird to be back here writing a blog post. The last time I posted on here was in April. Now it’s October. Where to begin?

The reason I’m making today’s post is because it was one year ago this month that I made the decision to delete my instagram and stop using my social media accounts. (You can read the post I made last December about it here.)

One year later and here are my thoughts:

I do not regret my decision at all. If anything, I felt liberated and complacent about the whole ordeal. My instagram/blog/youtube became a sort of brand for me. And when you have a following like that, you develop a sense of community, especially online and in the “vegan” community. But honestly, this past year I’ve never felt better since simply distancing myself away from it all and starting fresh. I’ve just been living my life – doing what I want. I never have to worry about taking photos or making blog posts, developing recipes, making/editing videos, etc. All of that pressure and need to uphold something vanished and was replaced by a feeling of freedom.

It’s weird to look back at my life a year ago and see the person I used to be. Everyone changes, obviously. No one stays the same forever. We are constantly growing and evolving into new people every single day. Once I distanced myself from that certain lifestyle, I was able to see how unimportant it all truly is in the grand scheme of things. Likes, followers, etc – none of that matters. What matters is what kind of person you are; how you treat the people around you; the mark you leave on this planet after you’re gone.

So what have I been up to for the past year? Well, I went blonde. Discovered a “new-me.” Made new friends and had a bunch of new experiences. Got two new tattoos. Went to NYC. Went to England. Had the time of my life. Started uni again. Wrote two novels. Have been working on getting published. Explored. Adventured. Lived my life and appreciated every single second of it.

The highlight of my life recently was visiting Charlotte in London. And so this is the part where I have to give credit to the internet and social media. Because it was through this online/vegan/instagram community that I first connected with Charlotte, then subsequently met her last year when she moved to Toronto. And then one year later, I was flying across the world to see her in London. OH and we got cute travel tattoos together.

So thank you, social media. Because while I do have my issues with it and will be the first to admit how flawed and corrupt it can be, it did change my life over the past four years and so I say thank you for that. But life is what you make it. So from now on, I’ll just manifest a new life for myself without social media.

For more updates, you can find me here on my lil baby account where followers and likes don’t matter. I just post for me.

Thanks for reading,
Katrina xx


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    October 24, 2017 at 4:06 pm

    I started following your blog from almost the beginning. Here to say–you did the right thing. The dangers of social media are that 1) you can never take back what you said (unless you take it down, and even then, some people would have seen it by then), 2) people can be SO SO negative, 3) a platform established in a certain theme is really difficult to shift into other outlets, such as lifestyle or fashion in a fitness-based platform, and 4) play the comparison game.
    Your Instagram has transformed into such a genuine and positive environment! I absolutely love your new hair and looking at your adventures. Those are memories worth sharing!

    • Reply
      Katrina Nerisse
      November 2, 2017 at 8:27 pm

      Awe thank you so much girl, that truly means a lot 🙂 Thanks for sticking by and reading from the beginning! xx

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