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New Years Resolutions

Hello everybody and Happy New Year! It’s officially 2015 and… the world doesn’t feel any different. The sun is still shining, the birds are still chirping, and I’m still making nana ice cream for breakfast.

improvedJPGBasically I just wanted to write a post about New Years and the big hype about this one special day.

I change a lot in 2014. A year ago I set some goals/reminders for myself for the year of 2014, and looking back at it now, I seem to have successfully completed all of them. Here’s what they were:

  • What you say about others says more about you then it does them
  • Don’t let social media control your life
  • Sarcasm is not an attractive feature
  • Fuel your body with foods that will nourish it
  • Cherish moments before they’re gone
  • Don’t take anything for granted
  • Be kind
  • Keep a healthy mind and body
  • Think Positive
  • Don’t dwell on the bad
  • Don’t stress about the future
  • Be the person your dog thinks you are

I decided to look back on my year and see all that I did or accomplished. Here are some things that happened in 2014:

  • I decided to change myself for the better
  • Found lots of inspiration.
  • Read a poem for the first time at a coffee house thing
  • Learned how to bake.
  • Finished my first year of University
  • Went vegan
  • Evolved as a person
  • Discovered my passions
  • Moved into a house with my 5 girls in Peterborough.
  • Made three pen pals.
  • Traveled to Maui
  • Dislocated my arm….
  • Met my first vegan friend (while in Maui)
  • Turned 19
  • Met Katy Perry (and she sand Happy Birthday to me on stage)
  • Got a new laptop
  • Completed my summer to do list with mom.
  • Created and published my cook book Desserts from the Earth
  • Made so many great friends through blogging and Instagram.
  • Stopped eating animal by-products, stopped drinking, stopped straightening/dying my hair, stopped taking medication, and stopped wearing make-up.
  • I watched documentaries such as Forks over Knives, Earthlings, Vegucated, and Cowspiracy, and learned what kind of change I want to make in this world.
  • I learned a lot about myself as a person: what I like, dislike, where I belong, what I want to do with my life, and what kind of person I’m supposed to be.

2014-12-25 033For the past four days, all I’ve heard people talk about is how 2015 is “new year; new me” “2015 is a fresh star” “bring it on 2015, i’m ready for you” “2015 will be the best year of my life”

Am I the only one who had a super good 2014? Ya I’m looking forward to this year, but there will be plenty more of them.

Something I’ve lerned is that we should not change ourselves one day of the year. We should change/improve ourselves whenever we feel it is necessary. I set goals in January. I set goals in May. I set goals in September. And guess what?  I set goals for myself this year too because I can always improve myself.
But I don’t set goals such as “buy a new car” “lose 10 pounds” “get an 80% average” “go to new york”I just feel like you should set goals that are a) reasonable, and b) change yourself as a person. Not your appearance, not what you own, not where you want to go; but change your mind and your heart.My goals for this year are:

  • Be more giving
  • Stop saying too much
  • Let go of hatred and anger
  • Breathe and meditate
  • Appreciate every day

Short & Sweet. And I know, just like last year, that these things are achievable. I just have to work towards them and change my mindset.

But don’t let January first be some huge dramatic change for you and everyone else on the planet; a date can’t do that, only you can.


Also, I’ve had Tumblr for over three years but I’ve recently become obsessed with it, so you can find me on there if you want:

Also Also, I’ve been updating my Youtube Channel and I made my first vlog ever (What I Eat in a Day) So check that out too if you want:

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