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MUMA- Raw Core Love Review

A few days ago I received a package all the way from the land down under, aka Australia. Christian from MUMA was kind enough to send me a package of their world famous Raw Core Love.

2014-04-24 004 2014-04-24 011What is it??

What is Raw Core Love you ask? Well, it’s a natural gluten free seed and grain blend that can be put on virtually anything. It has been carefully created to seamlessly integrate into ANY meal, both sweet or savory. You can blend it, sprinkle it, mix it, bake it, fry it, you name it. Raw Core Love has a neutral but underlying earthy flavour that compliments the existing flavours of your meal without distraction.

Health Benefits

Now, let’s get to why you should be eating it. Okay, so the nutrient content inside of Raw Core Love is absorbed by your body much more efficiently than if you were to eat an alternative full seed/grain mix. If you don’t do the manual work yourself like bite and crunch every individual seed and grain, they can pass through your digestive system without your body absorbing any nutrient content. With Raw Core Love, the work is already done for you! So all you have to do is eat it and let the nutrients do it’s job.

So what do you put it on?

Well my friends, the beauty about Raw Core Love is that, like I said above, you can put it on virtually anything. Oatmeal, salads, pasta, bread with peanut butter and banana, in muffins, cookies, banana bread, in a stir-fry, on a sandwhich or wrap, even sprinkle it on a smoothie or some banana ice cream! The possibilities are truly endless.

2014-04-24 010 2014-04-24 0012014-05-02 001 2014-05-02 0122014-04-28 002 2014-04-28 0072014-04-27 001 2014-04-27 017I absolutely loved Raw Core Love and the unlimited options of things I could add it to. It works so well with everything I sometimes forget how good it is for me and all the nutritional benefits I am getting from it!

MUMA is such a fun and upbeat company and I enjoyed working with them. For more information on Raw Core Love or if you’d like to purchase some of this heavenly goodness for yourself, click the following link to their website and talk to your muma


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