Love Wild Live Free Vegan Social

On Thursday night I attended a vegan social event hosted by Avra from Love Wild Live Free. It was such a great way to connect with other vegans, especially other social influencers who blog, vlog, instagram, etc. There was SO much great vegan food that we were able to try, and the night was honestly so much fun.

2016-09-09-004 img_8238 img_8279 2016-09-09-005There were quite a few different companies and brands there to promote their amazing vegan options including Kupfert & Kim, NONA’s Vegan Cheesy Sauce, Unbaked Cake Co., Nuts for Cheese, Well Juicery, Cured by Plants, RawFoodz, The Fix + Co., PRANA Organics, Wood and Water Foods, Zengarry (raw cashew cheese), Shockingly Healthy (brownies), and many more!





Kupfert and Kim


Well Juicery


Shockingly Healthy




Nuts for Cheese

Charlotte and I taste-tested so many new products and I was literally in food heaven. Vegan cheese, vegan brownies, vegan nachos, vegan everything! Not to mention all of the great vegan people around and the in-depth, inspiring conversations that took place. I love being surrounded by people who share the same beliefs and have such a similar mindset to your own. I seem to get along with these sort of people so well and can talk for hours on end about mutual ideologies and such.

All in all, I felt high on life. It was an incredible night and I’d like to say a big thank you to Avra for organizing such a lovely event. Check out her website here for everything vegan:

I also vlogged the whole night and the video is up on my channel. You can watch it here:

Katrina xx img_8330

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