Looks can be Decieving

Ready for a brutally honest, fitness exposing post about females and thigh gaps? Okay, here it goes.

*disclaimer* I do not mean to insult any tea companies that sell tea and DO NOT promote instant weight loss. I appreciate the companies that actually sell tea to cleanse your system, aid in digestion, and help your skin.

Fitness and Tea-tox’s

People post photos on Instagram all the time about fitness. They post workout pics, pre workout, post workout, transformation pics, etc. Also, the same thing goes for tea companies that claim their tea will make you instantly skinnier.

“Here’s a pic of me after my 14 day tea-tox”

“WoWWW all my bloating is gone and I am a skinner happier person!”

The photo I just took above shows you can deceived you can be by people and companies. In the left I look 4 months preggers, and on the right I look averagely “fit”. I also ate half a watermelon.

Or they get really fit, healthy females to be their spokesperson and just post photos of them with their abs showing and holding a tea cup.

(me posing with an empty tea cup)


Here’s another example:

Many companies use ‘before and after’ photos to sell their product, whether it be a workout guide, a magic pill, or some kind of diet and food bundle.

Really people. REALLY!? Do you actually believe half of the posts that you see? Do me a favour next time and really think about these next time you see them. Anyone can take these ‘before and after photos’. All you gotta do is know how to stand and work your body.

And finally,

The Thigh Gap

Young girls get so upset when they don’t have a thigh gap. Girls set their fitness goals SO HIGH and train SO HARD in order to obtain a thigh gap.

News flashy hunny, you probably won’t get one. Thigh gaps are literally based on bone structured. Like if a girl has really wide hips, she will have a thigh gap because her leg bones are so far apart. Whereas people like me, who have a tiny frame and hips, actually WON’T have a thigh gap, because my legs are so close together.

People think that being “fit” and “skinny” means having a thigh gap. Just because a lot of these ‘fitness models’ or .. actual models, have thigh gaps, doesn’t mean that they are any better than you. THEY ARE JUST LEGS, JESUS PEOPLE. Why the hell do you care if you have a space in between your legs!? I mean, honestly. Will that make you a better person? Will boys like you!? Will you be instantly happier? Ask yourself those questions before you set out some outrageous goals to get a gap in between your legs.

And the thigh gap is such a huge thing now, that companies are ACTUALLY PROMOTING THEM!? wtf. If you haven’t seen this photoshop fail, basically.. all you have to do is look at the image to know it’s all photoshopped terribly. I mean, box thigh gap? And alien arms? Okay Target.

The girl actually got to go on and do an interview with Ellen about it. It’s actually quite hilarious, you can watch the video here:

BUT BASICALLY WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY IS, stop worrying about your damn thighs. Thigh gap doesn’t equal fit or skinny. Every single person is built differently so we can’t all physically achieve a thigh gap. And why would we want to? Does it give us power or fame? No. It’s so silly. Yet still I see girls either trying to get a thigh gap, or faking it to make it look like they have it. (Again, why would you want to have a fake gap in between your legs???) Here’s an example of how people do it.

If you see a girl you know that you don’t think has a thigh gap, but she adds a photo with one, chances are she’s doing this lil trick.

I literally just stood with my but out and my back arched, and voila, instant thigh gap. Of course it’s only good for limited time (in pictures) because God knows if I tried to walk around like that, I’d look like I had a stick up my but.

So there you have it folks. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet 😉

(except this post .. because I’m being real with you) xo

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  • Reply
    August 26, 2014 at 10:33 am

    Sigh. Nobody thinks you can’t be fit and skinny without a thigh gap and if girls with narrow hips can’t get a thigh gap what do you make of the thousands of examples of girls with narrow hips walking around with thigh gaps in real life? Are they not real people?

    People want thigh gaps because they don’t want the uncomfortable feeling of chub rub and holes in their pants and personal preference. You should also look up a book called the thigh gap hack that proves every body shape can get a thigh gap in a healthy way if you get lean enough.. with a bunch of real before and after pictures on their fb page of girls who have achieved gaps with the program.

    I agree it shouldn’t be forced on people and people should realize many products out there are scams but none should be forced to want bigger thighs either and there are legitimate ways to go about getting the body we all want

    • Reply
      August 26, 2014 at 11:40 am

      Everybody has a different body shape. I never said it was impossible to have narrow hips and a thigh gap. I just know that thousands of girls on the internet are starving themselves and posting ‘pro-ana’ photos of skinny girls with thigh gaps for “thinspo” and it’s very sad. I want them to know that people can be beautiful no matter what their legs look like.

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