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The other day my mom and I went down to Casa Loma in Toronto and it was beautiful. Sir Henry Pellatt began building the castle in 1911 for his wife. It took over 300 men and many years to build, and now is one of Toronto’s most visited historical landmarks.

IMG_7043When dinner time came, I googled mapped the nearest vegan restaurant close by, and the Live Organic Food Bar popped up. It was only a 5 minute walk from Casa Loma, and the online menu sounded awesome; so we went.

2014-08-20 001 2014-08-20 0212014-08-20 001 2014-08-20 019 2014-08-20 001 2014-08-20 009We sat on the patio out back and looked over the menu. I was stuck between the vegan burrito and the chickpea burger. I ended up deciding on the chickpea burger (with gluten free bun) and my mom got the sunshine wrap.

2014-08-20 001 2014-08-20 013IMG_7189The first burger I got had a really spicy sauce on it, so I kindly told the waiter and they brought me a brand new one. It came with a little salad and sweet potato chips.

The burger was delicious. I have never had a chickpea burger before, but it was sooo good. Very messy though. The burger kept squeezing out the sides and into my hands – I looked like a hot mess when I was finished eating, which is completely okay! It was actually really funny (my mom was taking pictures of me) except when people walked by I’d try to hide my face because it was so messy. I definitely needed a lot of napkins.

My mom liked her wrap as well, but she said it was small and she was still hungry afterwards.

All in all, the Live Organic Food Bar had a great variety on the menu, with tons of organic, vegan and gluten free options, along with some delicious desserts as well. The atmosphere was nice and the back patio was so cute. I’d definitely go there again.

You can find more information on their website here:



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