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Ipanama Valley Fruit Brownies

This past September at the Toronto Veg Fest, I discovered something quite amazing: fruit brownies. Mind you, I had seen these around the instagram community before, but had no idea what they were. At the veg fest, I was finally able to try one for myself, and my mind was blown.


So it looks like a brownie, and it has the texture of a brownie, but it’s made 100% from fruit! Basically, to make this product, over 100 million fruit cells are compressed inside specially made pressure pots, ultimately creating the dark colour and chewy texture.

There are four flavours:

  • Banana
  • Guava
  • Fig
  • Pineapple


And the best part is: they are 100% healthy. There are no other ingredients, added sugars, GMO’S, additives, preservatives – nothing. Just pure fruit. It’s quite incredible, really.

These brownies are great for snacking on, adding to breakfast, or taking on the go to work or class. They have a chewy consistency, so I personally think it’s best to eat in small bites to appreciate the flavour and make it last longer. (I gave one to my dad and he ate it in two bites, and it doesn’t have the same effect)


I don’t know about you, but these are one of the best inventions yet, not only for vegans, but for anyone who loves healthy eating. I mean, how much better can it get? Brownies? Made from fruit…

I love the chewy texture and tangy flavour of the fig and guava, which would have to be my favourite. The banana is delicious as well and I love snacking on it in the morning with breakfast.

For more information about these fruit brownies, check out their website:


Also check out my video, “Loving Lately: Vegan Snacks” where I mention and explain the fruit brownies in more depth.

(skip to 2:50)


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