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Interview with Sophie Gray; Keeping a Healthy Mind and Body

The new year has began and I’m sure everyone has some goals set for 2015. Some may want to eat healthier, some may want to lose weight or get fit. Whatever your goal is, I believe that you can achieve them as long as you believe in yourself and are determined.

Today I’m talking with Sophie Gray from WayofGray. Sophie’s an all around happy and active gal who leads a healthy lifestyle to thousands of people everyday.

Interview with Sophie Gray

 Hi Sophie. Thanks so much for agreeing to answer some interview questions with me. The reason I wanted to interview you is because you are so successful with multiple e-books, a very popular website, and nearly 180k followers on Instagram, and you are only 20 years old! So, let’s begin.

1. How old were you when you first became interested in health and nutrition?

I played sports all my life but it wasn’t until my last year in high school that I was introduced to this way of life – so I was 17!

Sophie Gray: Self Love and Exercise

2. How was Way of Gray created?

WayofGray was intended to be my modelling page but quickly took off by forming the right relationships and giving content people wanted! I remember it had a different name then I said to my boyfriend why don’t I call it “RayofGray” as in like a ray of light and he said “WayofGray?!” that sounds great! So the name was just a misunderstanding but it worked perfectly!

3. Explain what you do for a living and what your goal is?

For a living, I help thousands of girls all around the world reach their goals. I run my blog and Instagram page full time. While initially, my goals were to get where I am with my page now, they’re changing at every moment. I am now wanting to establish myself away from Instagram but use it as a backing. I am about to launch a Model Mentor Program which will help aspiring models reach their international modelling dreams – in a healthy way! I am really wanting to focus more on my nutrition career as that is what I’m passionate about most!


4. The reason I and many others love your account is because you are so honest and down to earth. You tell it as it is, and if people don’t like what you’re saying, you say they can freely unfollow you. How do you find yourself staying confident when all society does is try to bring us down?

I had a bad habit of focusing on the negative – but it’s something I’m working on myself. I just always remind myself that any hateful comments I receive isn’t about me. People take out their unresolved feelings with themselves on others. By knowing this, I actually pity those who are negative or try to bring me down. It must be so difficult to be at war with yourself like that!

5. Tell us a little about your first ebook that became so popular over Instagram, and why you decided to continue creating more?

My first eBook was a Do It Yourself if there ever was one. I had my boyfriend’s best friend film the videos in some gym that was really yellow for some reasons so all of the videos are yellow. I had a boy I met at my local cafe make the book and we both had no idea what would happen. After releasing it, I quit my job and went on vacation for a month. After coming back, I realized it was something I could do full time so I haven’t worked since. I remember testing out the workouts and going to my old high school gym where my best friend/mentor worked and being so impressed with myself that I could make a workout that hard. After that, I started seeing Instagram as more of a business, but one I could put my personal spin on and it took off. I decided to make more because I wanted to help more people and knew it was the next step in my journey! Over time and over eBooks, I have finally found my style and am really proud of how they look now!


6. What does being healthy mean to you?

My definition of healthy has drastically changed over the time I have had Instagram. It wasn’t until 9/10 months ago that I finally can say I know what MY healthy is and am finally thriving. To me, healthy is a mindset. It isn’t how often you go to the gym or eat well – it also isn’t the way you look either. I’m the heaviest I have ever weighted, I workout the least and eat the worst (still fine though) but I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been. Healthy is a balance and that balance is different for everyone!

7. I know a lot of girls that follow you are either looking to lose weight, or become self-confident because of eating disorders.  What are some words of advice you have for these young girls?

There is more to life and you are going to die one day. To me, that’s not advice as much as it is the blatant obvious – but it’s really important for girls, and everyone to let that sink in. Life is literally passing people by and it’s not something we get another chance at (well in this body at least) and are you really going to spend that precious time at war with yourself? Also, I would ask those girls to think about what they truly think will happen when they feature their body goals? Most likely, they’ll think they’ll finally be happy but being happy is something you can be right now, regardless of the way you look. Again, to me it’s all mindset and my advice is looking on improving your mindset as much as your body.


8. This is a big question I and many others get often: what do you think about “cheat meals” and treating yourself?

I don’t think about cheat meals. I eat acai berry bowls some days and toblerone bars the other day. MY diet doesn’t define me enough for me to consider some meals as any different than others. I’m living a life and if I want a cookie today, I’ll have one but I’ll make sure to drink a lot of water and eat an apple. Cheat meals are just a mindset and if you give them so much power that they have a designated name, you’ll feel guilty every time you have one. I treat myself on the regular but I also take care of myself every day as well.

9. What are four tips you have for someone who wants to lose weight and begin living a healthier lifestyle?

One… Drink water, all day. Two.. Food isn’t the enemy and you need to eat stuff, just make sure it’s the right foods. Three.. Take probiotics  and Four… Always eat breakfast


10. What is something you tell yourself to get your through a tough day?

Hmm.. I tell myself to get over it and that’s it’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be. You have a roof over your head but are beating yourself up about eating a cookie? Re-prioritize

11. Last question: if you could only eat five foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Cacao, avocados, acai berry bowls, raspberries and toblerone 😉


Thanks so much Sophie! You can find Sophie on Instagram here, or visit her amazing website:

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