How do I Go Vegan? Master Post

When I first made the decision to go vegan, I had no idea what it really was. The reason I decided to even go vegan was because I noticed I was getting really bad stomach pains and bloating when I’d eat meat and dairy. I had read about this ‘vegan’ thing online, and that other people who were experiencing the same problems as me went vegan and it helped. So that was it – one night, I decided on the spot to go vegan. I went onto Google and typed in “what do vegans eat” and “how do vegans get protein?” Silly me.

Actually no, not silly me. Silly society. It was not my fault that I wasn’t educated about veganism. We’ve grown up in a society that has normalized eating animal by-products, so anything different from that is considered weird or abnormal.

But I did some research, found some protein sources, and began my (uneducated) vegan journey. I say uneducated because while I was still vegan, I really didn’t know anything about it. It wasn’t until 2 or 3 months into it that I decided to watch five documentaries in one day; and that changed my life. (Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, Forks over Knives, Food Inc, Earthlings, and Vegucated)

I know for many people, going vegan isn’t easy. And I know being vegan isn’t considered ‘normal’ in society. I know that back then, I needed those resources and didn’t know where to look. So that is why I have my blog: to help share and learn with others. This main Master Post is dedicated to all the sites, resources, and information that I personally think are necessary for someone who is interested in becoming vegan. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go vegan.

veganism is magic1

earthlingsWhat is a vegan?

The term vegan was created in 1944 by Donald Watson, with the sole intent of animal liberation.

Vegans do not believe in the harm or exploitation of any living beings, humans and non-human animals alike.

Vegans do not use, wear, or eat anything that contains a product that derives from an animal. This includes not eating meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or honey,  not using cosmetics that were tested on animals, and clothing that comes from animals such as fur, silk, leather, cashmere, shearling, and many more.

Vegans also do not support zoos/circuses/sea world, horse racing, bull fights, etc, because these are terrible forms of animal exploitation.


Getting started? Going vegan benefits:

YOUR HEALTH                THE ANIMALS                  THE PLANET

Whether you’re coming to veganism for health, for the animals, or to help save the planet, any reason is a good reason. So here are some common questions/misconceptions that people have about the scary ‘V word’ that I’d like to address. I hope these help.

Are you worried about protein? Read here: Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein

How will you get any nutrients? Read here:

WHAT ABOUT VITAMIN B12?? I heard vegans can’t get that?? Read here:

Wondering what you can even eat? Check out my recipes:

Do you think that humans NEED meat to survive?? Read here:

Do you think that dairy milk is healthy?

What about honey? Is that vegan?

Wondering about the different types of vegans? Read here:

But what if I told you that being vegan was more than just a diet…

It can actually help save this planet. How?

Are you afraid to go vegan because you’re a man? 

Do you workout/train/body build, etc and are concerned about protein nutrients? Well, check this out:

Do you think vegans can’t get enough calories?

Think it’s too expensive? Read here: 

Do you think it will be too difficult to be vegan in uni/college?

Worried what your family/friends will think? Or don’t know how to handle social situations? Read here:

Don’t know how to handle restaurants? Read here:

What about holidays and family functions!?

How to prep food for school or work?

What about being vegan while traveling!?

Do you have doubts that people can survive as a vegan without being nutrient deficient? Check out these twins who’ve been vegan since birth:

What about raising children as vegans? Vegan pregnancy? Check out the amazing Ellen Fisher.

Will it work long term!?

Remember; if you think going vegan is hard, you are thinking about yourself. When you think about the planet and the animals; it becomes easy.



101 Reasons to go Vegan
The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky
The Best Animal Rights Speech– Simone Reyes
Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death – Dr. Greger

Vegan TedTalks

Plant Strong and Healthy Living – Rip Esselstyn
Beyond Carnism – Melanie Joy
A Vegan Body Building Experiment
Plant Based Nutrition: Julieanna Hever
The Power of our Food Choices
What’s Wrong with What we Eat
The Food we were Born to Eat – John McDougall

Interesting Links

(Updated often.. feel free to send in links you find interesting to be added to the list)

Federal Report Finds Plant Based Diet is Better, Meat Industry is Unhappy
David Suzuki On Exponential Growth
Opera and her 378 Staff Members do a One Week Vegan Challenge
Gary Yourofsky educates News Reporter on Veganism
Vegan Diet Best for Planet
Cystic Acne Cured Through Starch Based Vegan Diet
6 Ways to Raise a Child Who Doesn’t Eat Animals
Why the man who brought us the glycemic index wants us to go vegan
Bacon Lovers Meet Baby Pigs
Overweight Couple Goes Vegan and Loses 280 pounds
Free From Harm – Your Guide to Going Dairy Free
My Favourite Vegan Quotes/Photos
600 Doctors Attend Conference on Plant Based Nutrition
Dr. Ellsworth Wareham – 98 years old vegan
100 Year Old Retired Heart Surgeon has been Vegan most of his life
Veganism as a Solution to Heart Disease
Why a Vegan HATER turned into a vegan Body Builder
The Best Burger of the Year is.. VEGAN
The Longest Living Dog was VEGAN!?
Human Ancestors Were Nearly All Vegetarian
Common Justifications/Excuses for Eating Meat
Can Cats and Dogs be Vegan!?
Israel’s Soldiers Going Vegan
Which Groups of People Live the Longest?
The Okinawa Diet – longest living in the world
How to Live to be 100+
Ontario Bans Orca Captivity!!
Chef Alain Ducasse has removed all meat from the menu at his Paris restaurant
A New Year’s resolution that’s good for you and the planet
Arnold Schwarzenegger just told the world to stop eating meat the save the planet


Forks over Knives
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
Food Inc.
Hungry for Change
Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
The Future of Food
The Cove
Black Fish

Vegan/Plant Based Doctors


The China Study – Dr. T Colin Campell
The pH Miracle – Robert Young
801010- Dr. Douglas Graham
Skinny Bitch- Rory Freedman
Eating Animals – Jonathon Safran Foer
Becoming Vegan – Brenda Davis
Vegan Freak: Being a Vegan in a non Vegan World – Bob Torres
The Food Revolution
The Startch Solution
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Celebrities News

Mike Tyson on Going Vegan
Stevie Wonder with James Corden “Go Vegan”
Miley Cyrus talks Vegan on Jimmy Fallon
Ariana Grande Vegan Weightloss
James Cameron to Launch America’s First All Plant Based Primary School
Emily Deschanel: Vegan Pregnancy
>Sons vegan birthday party
John Stewart Opens Animal Sanctuary
Liam Hemsworth Goes Vegan



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