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Ginny Bakes Review

So recently I was lucky enough to try some delicious baked goods from Ginny Bakes! They are a company based out of Florida I believe, who specialized in organic, gluten free baked goods. So if you have celiac’s disease, or you’re gluten intolerant, then these goodies are perfect for you!!

2015-09-21 003Now, not all of their products are vegan, so beware of that. However, they do have one selection of vegan cookies, as well as multiple different vegan granola bars.

The cookies are actually amazing. They are a bit hard and crunchy, but super sweet and tasty. They almost remind me of a sugar cookie, or gingerbread cookie. I’m kind of addicted to them. Each time I put the box away, I find myself getting up and going back for another one hahaha. But hey, they’re pretty much healthy, so why not?

IMG_9189I also got fancy and made chocolate cookie dough nana ice cream, where I crumpled up the cookies and mixed them into my nice cream – best idea ever. It was fantastic.

2015-09-23 009The granola bars are amazing too. Lately I’ve been super rushed during the day with work and school. I try to pack myself a good lunch, but then I always find that I’m hungry a little bit later and want to snack on something. The granola bars are great because they are literally just oats, nuts and seeds, and there’s a few different flavours to choose from.

The other day I was driving home (an hour drive) and I was kind of hungry and wanted something to snack on. So I just grabbed one of the granola bars and it satisfied that hunger and sweet tooth.

IMG_9182 IMG_9184And hey, if you’re not vegan, then there are tons more options available to you. Not that I’m promoting not being vegan 😉 😉 but I’m just saying that there is dietary options for everyone!

So yeah, definitely head over there and check them out, especially if you can’t eat gluten.

If you want to see those Vegan Delight Cookies, here is the link:

And if you want to check out those granola bars, the link is right here:

(only 3 of the ginny bars are vegan: ‘Peace, Love, and Apple’, ‘Karma, Love, and Apricot’, and ‘Love&Nuts’.)

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    December 11, 2015 at 10:35 pm

    I’ve heard of ginny bakes everywhere! Their products look amazing 🙂

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