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Hey there! So I have another exciting restaurant for you guys today – especially if you live in Toronto.

My friend Amy and I visited downtown Toronto last week and wanted to eat lunch at a super wicket vegan place. We had SO many options to choose from in Toronto, and we narrowed it down between three. We ended up choosing Fresh – a vegan restaurant that has, I believe, four different locations. We visited the Spadina location.

photo 1 photo 2Let’s start off with location. The building is in a good spot downtown, and only about a 20 minute walk from Union station.

The building itself is kind of small, but I guess a fair size for a vegan establishment, since they are usually smaller. It was actually quite packed when we arrived because it was lunch hour, but luckily we got a seat right away by the window. The place is nice, cute, and gives off fun, positive vibes. The seating was a bit close to each other, but I understand that, because they want to fit as much people as they can inside so that there is minimal waiting for customers.

The service was mediocre, but I understand that they were super busy from the rush, so I accept that.

Now let’s get to the food.

photo 1My friend and I both weren’t used to so many options! Usually when I go to a restaurant that’s not vegan, it takes me 2 seconds to order because I always just get fries and a salad. This however…. there was SO many options, ahhhh.

We decided to be unoriginal and order the same thing: black bean burrito. I got a side of fries because the girl next to me was eating them and I couldn’t help myself. Best decision, because they were amazing. I guess there are some perks to sitting super close to people.

We also both got fruity smoothies because… why not? They were amazing and refreshing and tastes great with our somewhat spicy burritos.

photo 2In conclusion, this restaurant was the bomb and I rate it a 9/10. The place was super cute and fun, and the food was amazing. I definitely want to go back and try like… everything else.

Check out their website:

Or visit their menu:


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    June 2, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    LOL I don’t live in Canada, so I can’t exactly visit! But this place looks gorgeous and the food looks amazing!

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