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Farewell Summer, Greetings.. September

It pains me to write this, but…. summer is over. Well, not officially, but for me, as soon as September comes: bye bye summer. I’m just really sad because summer is my time. I’m just a summer baby and I love the sun and the warmth. Things I dread? Waking up when it’s still dark. Wearing PANTS. Getting out of the shower and be freezing cold. Walking to class in the SNOW. Having to turn my heating blanket up because it’s so cold. Just wearing clothes in general..

You see, I don’t mind going back to University and starting classes (okay, maybe I’m a little upset), but if it were summer all year round, it would be easier to deal with. But instead I live in Ontario, Canada where the snow will reach my ankles and you can see your breath when you step outside. It’s really quite upsetting and I think I’m going to cry now. BUT FIRST, let’s look back at some summer moments:

A Farewell to Summer

1. That time I got the keys to my new house in Peterborough and discovered this vegan cafe right beside my house!

2014-05-24 005 2014-05-24 0472. Being indecisive with smoothie making.

2014-05-19 001 2014-05-19 0073. Rainbow salad bowls and a Canadian tee

2014-05-08 002 2014-05-08 0074. Fresh picked strawberries

2014-07-04 006 2014-07-04 0035. Making these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pancakes

IMG_00326. Making fruit platters

2014-06-01 005 2014-06-01 0087. Drinking green smoothies every morning.

2014-06-23 008 2014-06-23 0017. Meeting Ellen Fisher and her son Elvis (both raw vegans) when I visited Maui, Hawaii.

IMG_6615AND meeting my first vegan friend when I was in Hawaii. Meet Nicole from Seattle.

IMG_66678. Dislocating my arm, of course. [Which shall I mention I STILL can’t fully bend or straighten 🙁 ]2014-07-25 005 2014-07-25 0019. Having a lil vegan cupcake for my 19th birthday.

2014-07-23 007 2014-07-23 02310. Going for sushi multiple times and eating a TON. (42 rolls of sushi, 2 miso soups, and 1 bowl of edamame to be exact)2014-08-01 003 2014-08-01 0112014-08-29 003 2014-08-29 00311.  Driving past this farm and making my mom stop so I could go see them.

2014-08-12 004 2014-08-12 01612. Having a picnic at the Toronto Bluffs

IMG_7434 IMG_753713. Trying this Chickpea burger at the Live Organic Food Bar.

IMG_718914. Having a tea party at the Parkwood Estate in Oshawa

IMG_725715. Eating these raw vegan tacos (omg best tacos I’ve ever had) from the Food Forest Cafe.

2014-08-23 001 2014-08-23 00116. Exploring Edwards Gardens in Toronto and having a picnic.

IMG_7777 IMG_7811 2014-08-31 002 2014-08-31 003 IMG_781617. And finally, releasing my cook book, Desserts from the Earth

2014-06-21 010 2014-06-21 001

Well, I’m sure going to miss you summer.

What are some of your favourite summer moments?

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