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Eco Tan Body Products Review

Allow me to start off this blog post by stating that I get super pale in the winter time. So pale that it makes me sad. Summer is my favourite season for many reasons; some being that it’s sunny, warm; there’s tanning, swimming, etc. So when Winter arrives, and it’s cold, dry, and dreary… it makes me very sad.

I 100% support companies that are vegan, natural and organic. So you can imagine my happiness when I came across ECO TAN! An all natural, vegan and organic company that produces body washes, lotions, and self tanning cream. I was ecstatic!! (YES, no more pale winters)


The founder of Eco Tan, Sonya, created these products after her sister was diagnosed with melanoma.

Sonya still wanted a tan, but knew that UV rays were now out of the question. Sonya also became concerned with the ingredients that go into spray tanning, and began researching the ingredients from different brands.

After restless hours of research and formulations, she created what is now the Eco Tan products. They are made from all natural ingredients, such as Cacao for colouring, herbs, flower extract, fruit extract, and chamomile. They use certified organics in all of the products.

So now we can all get that healthy, colourful glow without the risks of cancer or any of ailments that come along with fake tanning.


They have a wide range of products to choose from, including:

  • Coconut and Mint Body Wash
  • Coconut Milk Body Wash
  • Deodorant
  • Extreme Exfoliating Glove
  • Face Tan Water
  • Foaming Body Wash
  • Invisible Tan
  • Honey Professional Solution
  • Coconut Sunscreen
  • Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub
  • Winter Skin


1. Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub + Exfoliating Glove ($34.95)

These were the first two products I tried out. And this is the correct step to use them if you have all four of these products.

Basically, you put some of the scrub onto the exfoliating glove, and rub it all over your body – DRY – before you get into the shower. Focus on problem spots that you may have, such as dry skin, cellulite or stretch marks, because it works to combat those things. You can put it all over your body, and even on your face, for smooth, long lasting results. The blend of lemongrass, coconut oil, and macadamia oil work together to both hydrate the skin, and exfoliate at the same time. You can also use this as tan prep, or to remove your old tan.

It may feel a bit rough on the skin, but that is a good thing. It means you’re scrubbing away all the dead skin that is on your body.

Then you hop in the shower, and rinse it all off.

#2. Coconut and Mint Body Wash ($21.95)

Next step is to scrub your body clean with this body wash. It smells kind of weird at first, maybe cause I wasn’t use to the strong scent – but after a while, I became used to it, and grew to love the minty smell.

I also put this onto the exfoliating glove, OR you can use a bath sponge, and scrub it well all over your body. If you used the Himalayan scrub prior to your shower, I recommend scrubbing your skin really well in the shower because the salt scrub can get hidden in your skin. Make sure you get it out.

After this, your body will be smooth and silky, feeling wonderful, fresh, and clean…

And next up is my favourite part… THE TAN.

IMG_8029#3. Invisible Eco Tan ($34.95)

First thing’s first; you need to wait at least 24 hours after exfoliating your skin. I think this is because your skin is still fresh and the tan may not work well immediately after exfoliating.

Also, aim to apply the tan at bedtime. That way you can hop right into bed and it works into your skin for 8 hours as you sleep. So then when you wake-up in the morning… SURPRISE, you’re tanned.

Another bonus is that it does not stain your sheets or pillow cases, so do not worry about that.

I’ve used the tan twice so far and I’ve noticed a slight difference. May I also note that it is currently summer here in Canada, so I am already tanned. I aim to use this product more in the colder months of winter (which I am dreading), so I can give you updates then.

So far though, it has given me a slightly darker glow. And it also smells reallllyyy good, so the day after I used it, I always smell really good.

I’m also kind of bad at using it… The bottle says to wash your hands WELL after using it, but I kind of forgot.. so my hands were all discoloured. Then the second time I did it, I forgot to rub it into my neck properly, so I had this random white gap on my neck where the rest was tanned ha ha ha…

I also had some random brown marks on my skin that I clearly didnt rub in properly. So please be warned: RUB IN YOUR TAN. AND WASH YOUR HANDS. Don’t be dumb dumb like me.

2015-08-19 035CONCLUSION

All in all, I think these products are quite amazing. From the concept, to the ingredients, right down to how they work. Healthy, safe, clean, natural, vegan, organic; how can it get any better? And if this is a better alternative to sun-tanning, or UV ray lights, then please, do this instead. I am so scared of developing melenoma because of the amount of times I’ve been severely burned by the sun in the past.

Also try to eat a diet high in anti-oxidants (berries!) because that can help heal your skin immensely.

I hope this review helped, and if you are interested in checking out their website, or purchasing any products, you can find the links below.

ALSO, from now until Sunday, September 20th, you can get 20% off of any purchase when you use my discount code: FRUIT20

I hope you enjoy xx


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    Cassie Tran
    September 5, 2015 at 8:34 pm

    Amen sistah–I am so pale and I never tan 🙁 thank you for these products! The fake tanners I’ve gotten have made my skin itch!

  • Reply
    Lisa Wood
    January 20, 2017 at 6:36 am

    Love Eco Tan <3

    Lisa |

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