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Blend Co. Review

Do you like to be healthy and happy? Do you like to enjoy the skin you’re in? If you answered yes to both these questions, then you could quite possibly be interested in Blend Co.

James, one of the four creative founders of Blend. Co, was kind enough to send me a package of this awesomeness in order for me to share it with the world!

What is it?

Blend Co. is a company based in Melbourne, Australia. They embody the outdoor lifestyle, like hanging out with friends, going to the beach, traveling, and eating healthy. They created this bag of SKIN food which is super foods that make you glow from the inside and OUT.

IMG_4919 The bag contains:

  • coconut
  • pumpkin seeds
  • goji berries
  • cacao nibs
  • raspberry
  • acai
  • himalayan sea salt

They chose each product carefully to give your skin the best results.

  • Coconut is rich in iron, potassium, copper and manganese. Packed with saturated fats and lauric acid. Anti- fungal, anti- viral and anti- microbial. It helps increase the absorption of Omega 3, an essential component in achieving skin that looks good enough to eat, and aiding the creation of collagen
  • The pumpkin seeds work in conjunction with coconut to promote healthy skin, so you’ll look like you’ve just returned from a holiday.
  • Cacao nibs protect skin from free radicals, prevents blood sugar spikes and increases serotonin levels. A happy you equals happy skin.
  • Organic Raspberry is easily absorbed by the body with a warming effect that aids digestion and blood circulation- two important factors in achieving clear skin.
  • Acai protects skin from damage caused by free radicals and helps fight the signs of ageing by promoting a plump, younger looking complexion.
  • Himalayan Salt helps prevent bloating, hydrates the body, and balances electrolytes. A detoxified inside shows on the outside

2014-06-25 005 2014-06-25 001SKIN is BlendCo.’s first online product offering. At BlendCo. we see a persons skin as a reflection of their overall health. The age old saying, you are what you eat, has never been so relevant in a society in which the accessibility of junk food far outweighs that of healthier options. Within our SKIN blend, we have combined together a mix of superfoods with the highest concentrated percentage of antioxidants, minerals and the right sorts of fats, available anywhere in the world, which work to fight the free radicals doing damage to our skin, this, in conjunction with a number of SKIN tips on our website makeup our SKIN product. Essentially, our product is one part, healthy eating, and one part healthy living.”

1 bag will last 2 weeks using 1 heaped tablespoon a day. If you want to take it to the next level use 2 heaped tablespoons a day in which case you might need to buy 2 bags for 2 weeks supply.

2014-06-26 008 2014-06-26 001Not only do they deliver amazing products, but their website even includes health tips to keep you and your skin healthy! Here are just a few:

Skin Tips:

Lemon Water: Add the juice of one lemon to a glass of slightly warm water. Drink first thing upon rising to remove toxins, aid digestion, and restore balance to your body.

Sweat: Dance, run, laugh. Whatever you choose, make sure you sweat. It helps remove toxins from your body that can cause blemishes.

Dry Body Brushing: Use a body brush made from natural materials and spend 5 minutes brushing your body in long, smooth strokes towards your heart. This is an effective detoxification practise, stimulating circulation and the lymphatic system to transfer nutrients where they are needed and remove waste.

The hot- cold shower: It’s exactly what it sounds like. 2 minutes of hot water, 1 minute of cold. Repeat. It helps flush out toxins which cause blemishes, while increasing circulation.

Salt water: For those of you near an ocean, use it. The salt water reduces bloating, detoxifies the body, softens the skin and reduces stress. For those who can only dream of the beach, add one cup of Himalayan or Epsom salt to a warm bath and settle there for at least 15 minutes.

Coconut Oil: In you and on you. This natural moisturiser is literally food for your skin. Full of healthy fats, it contains anti-bacterial and antiviral properties aiding clear, glowing skin. Use after showering from head to toe, and replace your usual cooking oil with this natural wonder.

2014-06-26 008 2014-06-26 003Personally I find the blend fabulous. It smells and tastes delightful and you can get creative and add it to so many different things! That way it ensures you are getting all the nutrients, helping your body & skin, and still enjoying all of the flavours. My personal favourites were putting it on nana ice-cream, or in fruit parfaits.

2014-07-24 007 2014-07-24 0012014-06-26 002 2014-06-26 003 2014-06-27 005 2014-06-27 005For more information on Blend Co, please visit their website:

To order a bag of deliciousness, click here:

Have a fabulous day everyone.

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    July 29, 2015 at 3:35 am

    Hiya, I’m just wondering if you can choose what goes in the blend, because I’m really interested in trying it out, but I’m sadly allergic to coconut, thanks 🙂

    • Reply
      August 1, 2015 at 12:55 pm

      I am not entirely sure 🙂 Perhaps go to their website and contact them. Best of luck xx

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