Artificial vs Organic

Have you ever wondered why people make such a big fuss about buying and eating organic? Well, it’s because when you chose organic, you are avoiding tons of harmful additives and chemicals that most companies use to enhance their product. Whether that be size, colour, taste etc, they have artificial additives in them, and these things are not good for you.

IMG_8503bWhen you buy organic, you don’t get any of that. You are getting the pure, natural product, straight from the ground. That’s how all foods should be. We shouldn’t need to add tons of salt and sugar to things like peanut butter, when it is already naturally sweet. These companies add so many sugars, cane juices, long words you can’t even pronounce that end in “cose”, and we have no idea what we are putting into our bodies.

2014-04-22 005 2014-04-22 001

yuck3Buying organic may be more expensive, but it’s worth it for you and your body in the long run. Below are some comparison photos i did to organic vs artificial.

IMG_8481b IMG_8485b IMG_8495b


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