12 Plant Based Mums to Follow

1. Ellen Fisher

ellens family

I’d be surprised if you haven’t already heard of Ellen, but if you don’t, I’ll tell you a little bit about her. She lives on the island of Maui, Hawaii with her husband and her two boys, Elvis and Sandy. Elvis is three and a half I believe, and Sandy is almost six months. Ellen is mostly raw vegan, but has some cooked foods from time to time. Her beautiful family lives a vibrant life of happiness and abundance. I absolutely adore her morals and beliefs, and she is such a kind spirited, down to earth soul. I did an interview with Ellen a couple months back, so if you’d like to read that, click here.

2. Loni Jane

loni jane

Loni Jane is a plant based, organic mum who resides on the Gold Coast of Australia. Loni is quite the trendsetter on Instagram, with her hashtag #lonijaneinspo having over 13,000 posts. She also released her first Ebook earlier this year: Feel the Lean.  She lives with her partner, now fiancé, and her son Rowdy, who is a little over a year old I believe. Loni posts tons of mouth-watering plant based meals, as well as snaps of baby Rowdy. Loni also just announced that she is 3 months pregnant with her second child. Congrats Loni!

3. Vanessa Prosser

vanessa prosser2

Vanessa Prosser, who is good friends with Loni, also resides on the Gold Coast of Australia with her partner, Sean, and her baby girl Bambi. Vanessa is only 21 and shows that you can still look amazing after giving birth. I’ve put some images below so you can see her transformation during pregnancy to after birth. She eats fully vegan, and a lot of raw foods. Again, this muma shows how fun and healthy it is to eat and live a healthy abundant lifestyle.

vanessa prosser

4. Andrea – EarthyAndy


I love Andrea. She is such a kind, gentle hearted woman. She lives on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, but was born and raised in Canada. (yay Canada) She moved to Hawaii for University where she met her husband, and now they have two beautiful boys. Andrea is a fairly new vegan, who decided to make the change for her health a couple months ago. But boy is she doing it right. She’s noticed such an improvement in her health, and feels so much happier and healthier. Her feed is so vibrant and colourful, full of yummy plant based goodness.

5. Angela Liddon – Oh She Glows

angela liddon

Another fellow Canadian, Angela Liddon is famous for her New York Times best selling Cook Book: Oh She Glows, which is the same name as her award winning blog and instagram: Angela had her first baby last year, and is a glowing mama. She doesn’t post too much of the baby, Adriana, on her food account, but she has a personal account where she posts more personal things: The Glow Spot. You can also read more about her plant based pregnancy and baby raising under the baby tab on her blog.

6. Taline Gabriel – Hippie Lane

taline gabreil

Taline is one of the most fashionable/hip/stylish mums on Instgram. She is the creator of the website and app: HIPPIE LANE, and posts her delicious treats and meals on her Instagram account. She has two beautiful children who she nourishes with her delicious vegan treats.

7. Natalie – Fruit and Family


Natalie is such an amazing person. She is actually the third Canadian on this list, and also my friend who’ve I met through fruitlucks in Toronto. She has three children and is raising them fully vegan. Her feed is full of colourful, vibrant fruits and veggies, as she has just decided to make the change to go fully RAW. You can check out her YouTube videos for more inspiration: Fruit and Family Natalie

8. Ulenke – De Happy 5 Mama


You are going to love this mamas Instagram feed. Ulenke is quite incredible. She has three children and decided to switch her family over to a vegan, plant based diet to cure their chronic illnesses. And well, it worked. Her instagram photos are a work of art: literally. She is so talented in designing these setups and photographing them. She also just released two Ebooks about how she cured her children’s illnesses through raw vegan living:

9. Steph


Steph is a really good friend of mine. I was lucky enough to meet her when I was traveling through Australia a couple months ago, and she let me stay at her house multiple times. I am so grateful for this women. We clicked instantly and got along so well. She lives on the Gold Coast of Australia and has raised her two children vegan since birth. Kai is 5, and Dakota is 4. She eats 100% vegan and organic, and decided to go vegan when her first child, Kai, was born, because she realized she couldn’t put animal products and other chemicals into his little body. Now, she is thriving, and they are too.

10. Chelsea Aaron

chelsea aaron

Chelsea lives in California and is raising four vegan babes. She recently decided to homeschool her children, and finds that it is much less hectic, and they are able to spend more valuable time together, and learn together as a family. She preaches kindness and compassion, and is an overall amazing mama. She posts lots of adorable photos of her children on her Instagram, as well as beach photos, which are awesome.

11. Cissylala


Cissy is a vegan mum who lives in San Diego. She is raising her two daughters consciously as vegans. Her feed is full of bright and colourful photos, showing you that this lifestyle can be fun and easy. I absolutely adore her photos, and her girls are the cutest!

12. Nicole Slater – Indie Homestead

nicole slater

Nicole is an indie vegan mama who is raising her two children vegan. She believes in health and happiness, and home schools her children for a better, alternative way or learning. She posts beautiful nature photos as well as lots of posts of her lil vegan babes, as well as what they eat.

You can also check out these books by plant based mums about veganism, plant based eating, and raising children plant based:

The Kind Mama- Alicia Silverstone
Plant-Powered Families – Dreena Burton

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    Honoured to be on this list of amazing ladies! So much inspiration, and thrilled to see a new generation of compassionate healthy kiddos being raised. ???????????? Natalie

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